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Transforming train travel with superfast WiFi

Giving millions of people a brilliant passenger experience through better connectivity.


The challenge

Millions of people in the UK commute to work every day. For many that means two hours or more spent sitting on a train. And because today’s on-train connectivity is so poor they have no way of using that time productively.

We wanted to change that and make people’s train journeys a useful and enjoyable part of their day.

Our answer

Our Project SWIFT concept uses trackside fibre technology to deliver superfast WiFi to passengers and on-train staff – the fastest in the world, in fact. And because it comes direct from the tracks the connectivity never goes down, even if the train goes through a tunnel.




The impact

•Enhancing the passenger experience

•Improving operations and safety

•Generating revenue for train operators, retailers and media providers

All aboard Project SWIFT!

In this episode of our MACRO podcast, we explore how delivering super-fast In-Train WiFi can transform our experience of train journeys as we know them.