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Shaping the future of mobility

The ultimate real-world test environment for self-driving vehicles in busy London.


The challenge

With self-driving vehicles on the rise and the power to connect more people and things than ever, the future of transport is about to be written. But there are still so many questions to answer before the technology behind our self-driving future can become a commercial reality. Anyone with a stake in that future needs a credible and reliable place to test their products and services.

Our answer

We’ve created the ultimate real-world test environment for self-driving vehicles, giving everyone from car-manufacturers to technologists the opportunity to come to London and test their products to get them ready for public use. Our connected environments include an urban setting on the streets of Greenwich and a more campus-like environment inside the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The impact

•Test your self-driving vehicle products and services in an authentic real-world setting

•Collaborate with the best and brightest minds in tech and transport

•Get your tech ready for public consumption before your competitors

•Help shape the future of transport

What would life be like without journeys?

With automated vehicles on the rise, the future of A to B is about to be written.