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Making vehicle to grid energy a viable business model

Demonstrating  the commercial potential of V2G in energy markets to achieve a zero-carbon future.


The challenge

Governments are encouraging more electric vehicle (EV) adoption, but EVs are still relatively expensive and impractical compared to traditional vehicles. And mass adoption of EVs would also put a huge strain on our already stressed energy network, especially during peak times. We need a way to tackle both these problems and make EVs an economically and environmentally viable choice in future.

Our answer

Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology will allow us to put unused energy from electric vehicles back into the grid, freeing it up for other needs and dramatically reducing the cost of owning and running the vehicle, while reducing the impact on the energy grid and wider environment. We’re putting this theory into practice by creating a real-world test environment for V2G, inviting fleet owners all over the UK to take part.

The impact

•Test and improve your electric vehicles in a real-world environment

•Lower your costs and unlock new services and opportunities

•Become a greener brand by having a positive impact on the environment

•Be at the forefront of electric vehicle innovation and adoption