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Building a blueprint for smart cities

Smart, Intelligent, Inspiring, Manchester


The challenge

We wanted to show how connecting everything in a city and harnessing its data has to potential to improve citizens’ lives.

But with so much data coming from so many different sources, how do you link every device and application in a secure and scalable way?

This problem had caused many smart city projects to fail. But we wanted our smart city to be different.

Our answer

We created a ‘platform of platforms’ that allows people to collect information from all over Manchester and access it from a single point, bringing together previously disconnected datasets and giving a clear picture of the whole city in one secure place. And because our platform can host an infinite number of apps it can scale up as the city grows. 

The impact

  • Improve health and social care
  • Bring communities closer together
  • Make transport run more smoothly
  • Enhance energy efficiency
  • Create more opportunities for citizens

The Platform of Platforms

In this episode of MACRO: the Cisco Innovation podcast we explore the impact data can have on a city.