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Intelligent on-demand transport for citizens

Demonstrating the potential of demand-responsive transport.


The challenge

Supply of public transport is rarely in line with demand, not just in terms of the number of buses or taxis available but the experience as a whole.

A lack of information is mostly to blame – we don’t know where people want to go, how they want to get there or what they want to do along the way.

But if we had that data and could connect the various elements of that journey, we could give them a tailored experience every time they ventured out.

Our answer

Our CitySPIRE concept aims to show how demand-responsive transport could transform the citizen experience. By aggregating and analysing real-time data, the platform provides an always-up-to-date picture of where people want to go and when.

The impact

•Respond to vehicle demand more effectively

•Reduce congestion and unnecessary pollution

•Increase footfall to popular destinations

•Improve the passenger experience

A day in the life with CitySPIRE

Proving the value of data-sharing ecosystems.