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Reducing the danger of human error in industry

AI-powered visual threat monitoring to automatically improve health and safety.


The challenge

Human error is a huge danger in any industry where health and safety is potentially at risk, from construction to manufacturing or medicine. As well as physical danger to employees, companies may also be liable if accidents happen, resulting in heavy financial and reputational penalties.

Our answer

Powered by artificial intelligence, AI-SAFE continuously monitors an area and reacts to specific dangers in real time, whether that’s only opening doors if clothing or equipment requirements are met or alerting security to an individual based on a pre-determined profile. This is the next generation of health and safety protection based on data and analytics.

The impact

•Monitor health and safety threats automatically

•Act upon detected threats in real time

•Reduce the time and cost burden of manual monitoring

•Reduce your risk of financial or reputational penalties

•Make the right decisions based on real time data inputs