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Connecting the UK beyond the city

A proof of concept to demonstrate the business case of bringing 5G to rural areas.


The Challenge

High-speed mobile connectivity has long since powered businesses and communities in cities across the UK. But in rural areas where few people use a network, it hasn’t always made economic sense for network owners to invest in making their spectrum available, leaving many rural communities disconnected. Thanks to the advent of spectrum sharing, we believe 5G has the power to change that. But we have to prove it.

Our Answer

We’re running a number of different 5G experiment in rural areas across the UK, from agritech and industrial IoT in Shropshire and Somerset to radio broadcasting in the Orkney Islands and much more. By doing so we hope to prove the value of investing in 5G connectivity beyond the city to unlock new economic opportunities that will benefit everyone in the UK.

The Impact

•Avoid wasting unused 5G spectrum

•Unlock new opportunities for rural citizens and businesses

•Improve productivity and efficiency in rural industries

•Benefit the wider UK economy

Bridging the UK’s digital divide

Understand the detail, use cases, challenges and opportunities that we are covering with 5GRF.