Country Digitisation Acceleration in the UK.

“Digitisation will be key to maintain global competitiveness, increase GDP growth, foster innovation and create new jobs.” - John Chambers

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Innovation at Cisco UK and Ireland.

Digitisation is bringing explosive change but with our track record in innovation, Cisco can help you weather its storms.

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Bringing the Internet of Everything to life.

Unilever shares its views on the potential of IOE to innovate the retail industry.

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Are you a digital predator or digital prey?

The journey to digital mastery.

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Gain business innovation insights.

Empower the millennials in your organisation.

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What is the digital effect?

Cisco UKI CEO Phil Smith gives his insights on how the Internet of Everything will play a key role in the digitisation of the UK.

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What is the Digital Vortex?

How is digital disruption redefining industries?

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IoE: A call to arms for innovation.

The Internet of Everything is full of opportunity for innovative start-ups.

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Exploring start-up assistance programmes.

We’re developing a new model to support the thriving UK start-up community.

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We’re proud to be partnering with a number of key bodies and organisations, dedicated to driving innovation in the UK and Ireland.

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