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Uniting the brightest minds on the planet with the power of technology and global scale


Innovation happens when someone, somewhere, has a passion to do something different.

It can be as simple as making something more efficient, improving customer service or smoothing out an everyday process.

Or it can be something more.

An entirely new way of doing things. A brand new business model. Even a whole new market.


Innovation is about making a change

It’s about having an impact, whether that’s becoming more productive, helping businesses be more competitive in the face of digital disruption or solving the world’s biggest problems. But one thing is clear: nobody can do it alone. The answer lies in co-innovation. That’s why we work with customers, partners, start-ups, academia and government to turn bright ideas into transformative solutions.


We identify opportunities for innovation across the world exploring how to develop them.


Work with us to achieve more than you could alone.


Work with the teams, programmes and technology that make innovation happen.


See how our projects are already making a difference.