Innovation at Cisco UK and Ireland.

Digitisation is bringing explosive change but with our track record in innovation, Cisco can help you weather its storms.

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What is the digital effect?

Cisco UKI CEO Phil Smith gives his insights on how the Internet of Everything will play a key role in the digitisation of the UK.

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Better analytics, happier customers.

Together with our start-up partners, we’re helping Tesco’s F&F brand create more valuable customer experiences.

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Innovating the retail experience.

We’re partnering to transform the in-store retail environment.

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Is Your City Alive?

Our innovation team discuss what makes a living, breathing city.

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The key to unlocking innovation.

The need to innovate is greater than ever before, but how can large corporates boost their innovation credentials?

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Discover our start-up programmes.

Our UK-wide start-up initiatives are designed to enable and support tech entrepreneurs.

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Enabling start-up innovation.

We’ve been working with start-ups in the UK since 2011.

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Get involved.

Fancy working with us to support UK start-ups?

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It takes different perspectives to envision the future.

At Cisco CREATE, we work with industry partners, start-ups, government, research institutions, and universities, on a range of areas including energy, transport, healthcare and education.

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