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Digital Digest - edition 7

EMEAR Digital Team newlsetter


Personalisation (PZN)

  • PZN is live with two of our partners in EMEAR. For CDW & ATEA Norway, we have co-branded assets on Cisco.com that are personalised to segmented SD-WAN & Small Business visitors.
  • Alongside the IoT team, we are personalising context banners on Cisco.com to show personalised content to our Tier 1 accounts, using their domain names. For example, if a visitor from Unilever is visiting Cisco.com, on selected pages, the context banner will read "UNILEVER: Extend your Connectivity from the Carpeted Space to the Manufacturing Environment with Cisco IoT - See How (CTA)'. This was done for twenty nine other enterprise accounts.
  • EN Homepage personalisation has come and gone for the month of May, as we promoted Cisco Multicloud & Cisco DNA Assurance webinars to a segmented NB audience across ten EMEAR Country Homepages. We only went live for thirteen days, however we achieved a 1.3% CTR, 18% Exit Rate & 29% Bounce Rate.   

IBN Journey - We are now live with the standard Always On Journey for UKI, FR, DE, IT, RU, CH & NL. Planning for the upcoming Hawkeye launch is in progress - look out for updates very soon.

Collaboration JourneyIn Q3,  businesses and institutions across EMEAR were forced to navigate a secure remote working environment and we were here to support them with our “Work From home” digital campaign. Now it is time to elevate our Cisco Webex brand and solidify our position as the world’s largest, most secure, simple, and reliable collaboration platform in the market. Bridge to Possible Webex campaign will start 8th of June in the UK and 15th in Germany and France.

Bridge to possible Webex campaign & WFH

In Q3, we launched the "Work From Home" digital campaign to support our customer and prospects during  the pandemic, with a simple message "We're here for you”. Our approach has been to offer cross-architecture solutions with many free trials and special offers. Amazingly, our cross-team collaboration meant that we launched a web experience in twenty eight countries in less than two weeks.

At the same time, we launched new COVID-19 pages in ten countries within two weeks to support the global initiative and provide cross-architecture content and offers to audiences looking for business continuity support.

It is now time to support and elevate our Cisco Webex brand and solidify our position as the world’s largest, most secure, simple, and reliable collaboration platform in the market with the Bridge to Possible Webex campaign.

As our customer journey matters, we are working to integrate all of the aforementioned  campaigns into one single journey from brand awareness to purchase. You will find more information on our detailed approach here.

Key insights from Q3 until now:

    ◾ Q3 + Q4 WFH paid investment (results as of today)

        ✓ Budget: $938,995.43

        ✓ Impressions:   86,348,726

        ✓ New visits    48,210

        ✓ Return visits    87,802

        ✓ Hand raisers (click to chat and let us help): 2,697

    ◾ Web Experience:

        ✓ SEO and UX optimised, internal links updates, context banner driving to COVID-19 page as well as on some CDC solutions pages

        ✓ 76,445 WFH visitors

        ✓ 54.3% coming from paid search

        ✓ 18.6% coming from display

        ✓ 16.4% coming from natural search

        ✓ 6.8% coming from paid social

        ✓ 68,710 unique visitors

        ✓ 20.7% return visits

        ✓ Bounce rate: 42%

        ✓Time spend > 3 minutes

New Bridge to possible Webex campaign:

  • Message: Cisco Webex is the leader in video collaboration and enables enterprises to connect, communicate, and collaborate securely and reliably.
  • Audience: WFH (IT Manager LOB, Knowledge workers), education, healthcare, government, CXO, Cisco customers, zoom customers incl. SB audience.
  • Country scope: UKI, DE, FR, IT, NL, RU, SA, CH, ES
  • Timing: launch 8th of June (UK), 15th of June (DE&FR), 29th of June (IT, NL, RU, SA, CH & ES)
  • Paid media: $4,.1M with TV, radio, direct partnership, RTB, social, search
  • Content

    ✓ Web experience:

        ✓ TOFU: B2P Webex page

        ✓ MOFU: Work From Home page

        ✓ MOFU: Vertical cross-architecture pages

        ✓ BOFU: Security Webex page

        ✓ BOFU: New B2P Webex page (WDC)

        ✓ BOFU: 90-day Enterprise trial (CDC)

        ✓ Personalisation, optimisation, context banner, marquee

    ✓ Offers:

        ✓ Webex Anthem video

        ✓ Customer testimonial video

        ✓ Webex for security video

        ✓ Infographic

        ✓ Ebook…

    ✓ Drive to assets

        ✓ Video

        ✓ Radio spot

        ✓ RTB banner

        ✓ Social: video, carousel, Twitter poll…

Please find all information on Collaboration journey from brand awareness to purchase in our detailed deck here.

CIO Journey

The activation of CIO journey is now postponed until Q1. We are working closely with global & the web-experience team to analyse performance of our existing “Executive Perspectives” site and ensure that the globally standardised journey is optimised based on the data-driven insights obtained during this planning phase.

Security Journey

Standard Security Journey is live in English in: UK, MEA and all English speaking countries.

Global update: This integrated approach to a global customer journey matches audiencecontentwebsite and experience across our activation channels. Phase one rollout includes launches of new landing pages on cisco.com and email touches from awareness to purchase for our Thought Leadership/Threat Intelligence and Network Security products. 

What’s special about our Always-On Journey?:

  • 100% of Emails are triggered by behavior and interests: fewer emails sent and more targeted
  • Streamlined digital operations: faster go-to-market
  • Increased scalability: more impact with less effort, build once, deploy everywhere
  • Enabled always-on optimization: less time spent on building and more time spent on performance optimization
  • Fully consistent with the new Marketing Operating Model

What does this mean for our customers?

  • Enhanced consistent experience due to globally consistent business rules and content
  • Increased relevant and timely content thanks to personalized behavioral targeting and highly sophisticated State Machine data modeling

We are already beginning to see some early results globally:

  • Unique Open Rate is 30%
  • Click-to-Open Rate is 22%

Web Experience

Partner Collaboration Event:

The event included sessions from various executives across Cisco Global teams and attracted 300 partners on Day 1 with strong numbers continuing for the remainder of the event. We’ve now launched the on demand site with replays and other video sessions: Partner Collaboration Virtual Summit

Small Business:

For small business we’ve launched the UK standardised journey along with other regional initiatives such as the Start up with Cisco campaign and the Small Business Recovery campaign. We've also launched a new interactive Game.

The UK standardised journey is now live be sure to check it out: Small business

This is just the start of the journey with the remaining Band A countries now  on staging and going through review.

The new  Start up with Cisco campaign is promoting Meraki and Webex as a bundle offering.  You can view the campaign here:Small business start up

The small business recovery campaign is designed to help small businesses return to work and recover from the effects of COVID-19: Small Business recovery

Finally, we have also launched our first game for Small Business, why not have a go and share your feedback with us: Building for the future

Social Media

Social Publishing process: A new process is getting ready to be rolled out. Thanks to all our stakeholders who have provided feedback. Look out for this as an agenda item in the EMEAR Regional call.

Until this is formally rolled out, its business as usual. Meaning you find all our organic Journey, Talent and Comms social content in the EMEAR Sprinklr Suggestion Queues

Organic Social Agency Audit: We are working on an EMEAR Organic agency audit where we looked at which agencies we are currently using, employee satisfaction and comparing average engagement rate. More information on this is to come but thank you all who provided feedback.  If you haven’t yet provided feedback, then please ensure you do respond to Elin Akesson

Social Accounts Audit: The Social team have audited existing Facebook and Twitter accounts in EMEAR and am currently in discussions with key stakeholders. This process aligns with both the new Social Publishing process as well as the Organic Social Agency audit. More information to come shortly.

Social Media for Cisco Professionals - Training: On the back of the successful social selling training we have been delivering we received a request to provide a similar training by the Early in Career’s team. Our social selling training was adapted to support non-sales professionals and has now been delivered to a group of Early In Careers employees and the CX EMEAR organisation. If you feel that this type of training could support your team / organisation please reach out to Jemma Smith.

Employee Advocacy QBR – The EMEAR region has seen huge quarter over quarter growth in all key advocacy KPIs with engagements in the region for the quarter hitting 473k (up from 222k the previous quarter) and boosting the region’s overall engagement rate from 6.8% to 8.9%. The team will share the full details of the QBR on an upcoming EMEAR Digital Update call.

If you need any more information around organic social, please make sure to check out our Social IBM pages where you can find strategy, trainings and recordings. Or email us at emear_social@cisco.com

Digital Audience

  • Bridge to possible campaign - We are supporting the B2P campaign, reworking the Work from Home and Bridge to Possible audiences in order to proceed with the most effective approach. ABM lists of high value Cisco customers and Zoom customers are now available to be targeted both with Paid Social and Programmatic activities. Details are available here and updated on a regular basis
  • Paid social optimization – Cooperating closely with the Paid Media team, the agency and external partners we’re focusing on the optimization of all funnel stages (MOFU and BOFU in particular), adding Lookalike audiences and improving the retargeting options. We also worked closely with LinkedIn to leverage the most updated targeting criteria with a positive outcome on the overall audiences’ performance.
  • Eloqua Small Business Optimization – The Audience team is working with MRM to modify the journeys and webinars targeting criteria on Eloqua, improving the company size targeting and avoiding unintended overlaps with other journeys. This change will allow us to be more tailored to Small accounts below 250 employees and increase the relevance of our content.
  • Networking Webinars - We have been closely collaborating with the Networking team in order to support them with highly performing audience segments that have showed great engagement and conversion. Updated reports are available at the links for Small Business and Networking.
  • Data Supply Chain (DSC) - We are strengthening the collaboration with the DSC team, as we experienced a positive impact from their contribution to the Audience team’s work i.e. We ran a Q3 debrief, reworking the Sprint UKI ABM, reaching a match rate on the platform of >90% (in FY20Q3 match rate was 5% compared to the usual benchmark of >70%)

Digital Demand

Collaboration demand focus continues this month:

  • Ongoing VDC Sales sprint focused on converting Webex free to paid building on the Q3 demand created around free trials
  • Brand Campaign launch expected to increase demand via more traffic on site and in journeys.
  • Webex freemium sign-ups now flowing into the Outreach platform for email automation.

In addition:

  • Intake of Customer Experience Leads now flowing into the VDC with a dedicated CX LDR for follow up (485 already received with > $650k in pipeline)
  • Launch this week of the new Virtual Event demand processes to simplify how we manage virtual event contacts and leads into our AOJ's and ultimately sales.
  • Launch of the Demand Best Practice guide (week 15th June).
  • Focus on optimising the Secure Remote Worker leads to increase conversion (722 generated but >55% invalid rate)


1. The MVA program has seen EMEAR generate 1,690,570 USD estimated pipeline to date. This is off the back of the leads generated across agency-led activity and organic reach (via partner content being embedded into Cisco.com).

Now Partner Digital are concentrating on scaling the operation by onboarding several new partners off the back off Cisco.com personalization (Pzn) and budget towards agency offerings. The projected uplift against Pzn has been made possible by global organizing a centralized resource to allow us to set up MVA Pzn more efficiently. The next wave of partners to go live using Pzn will be various country subsidiaries of NTT, Axians and Bechtle (France).

The first pair of partners are adding JMF to the program in the form of Axians (France) and OBM (Oman). This will allow us to scope their journeys more elaborately, using a wider selection of agencies than those approved for direct payment by Cisco.

2. The Partner Digital Team has been busy creating a new approach to centralized paid search alongside an agency called TIE Kinetix, based in The Netherlands. The model is centrally owned by Cisco, and is designed exclusively for vendors reliant on a heavy channel presence. Cisco owns the content creation and campaign build, plugging partners into a pre-built campaign in a box. This is highly scalable, as all optimisations are conducted on a central set of assets that are not editable by the partner. Partners have instances of the same campaign co-branded for their usage, and geo-targeted to their region of interest. Many partners can be added, paying only media fees with campaign creation costs covered by Cisco. The first couple of partners, based in the UK and Middle East (Vokhus and Emircom) are launching now in the Secure Work from Home space.

3. Partner Digital have been involved in a monthly series of Partner Interactive Webinars (PIWs), with the latest PIW presented by the Partner Digital Team alongside Esther Trifich, focused on SEO. From an initial 326 registrants, 70+ partners attended the call, on which they received insight into Cisco’s SEO strategy from Rowan Chernin; some ideas around how educate their teams on the topic from Esther Trifich; and reference to SEO in relation to the Marketing Velocity Central (MVC) tool kit from Hesham Barr.

4. Valerie Purnot has been driving a Funding Pilot initiative globally, that has involved selecting partners who are nominated to receive funds to assist in their marketing activities. The Partner Digital team has worked to carefully select agency-led Full Service Activities (FSAs) that will offer these partners the most qualified leads possible across a range of delivery methods.

Once the agencies concerned pitched in their offerings, the partners were then offered the opportunity of either using their funds for their own Custom Marketing Activities (CMAs), or to take an FSA from an agency, as suggested by Partner Digital. In EMEAR for Q4, 9 FSAs were ordered vs 1 in the Americas, so the FSA order stimulation focus appears to be gaining good traction in region.