Women Rock-IT Presentations and Recordings

Women Who Rock-IT - Series 3

Speaker Topic Presentation Recording
Erin Yamaoka, 
Technical Account Manager at Grameen

Brandi DeCarli, 
Founding Partner, Farm from a Box.

Global Problem Solvers Who Are
Guardians of Our Planet
Adobe PDF file (PDF - 7.50MB)
Ayesha Khanna, 
Tech, Fintech and Smart Cities Advisor 

Marisa Warren, 
CEO, Chair & Founding Director @ ELEVACAO

Meet Two Entrepreneurs Developing the
Next Generation of Global Problem
Adobe PDF file (PDF - 5.24MB) (58min)
Nora Ayanian,
Gabilan Assistant Professor of
Computer Science

Tanuja Ganu,
Co-Founder and CTO at DataGlen Inc.
Meet the Amazing Women Using
Technology to Change the World
Adobe PDF file (PDF - 5.20MB) (60min)

Juliette Gimenez,

Co-Founder & CEO, Goxip


Niki Tsuraya Yaumi,

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Goers App

She Started IT Adobe PDF file (PDF - 4.21MB) (60min)

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Women Who Rock-IT - Series 2

Speaker Topic Presentation Recording
Alane Cahalane
Co-Founder and Chief
Technology Officer
Veterinary Specialty

Anu Sridharan
Co-Founder and Chief
Technology Officer
The Surprising Role
Technology Plays in
Helping People and the Planet
Adobe PDF file (PDF - 4.6MB) (59min 34sec)
Ai Ching Goh
Founder and CEO

Xania Wong
Co-founder and CEO
Meet The Rock'in Entrepreneurs Using
Tech For Business Success
Adobe PDF file (PDF - 6.98MB) (62min 46sec)
Jodie Fox
Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer,

Shraddha Chaplot
Machinegineer at Cisco Systems, Inc.
Women + Tech = Innovation Adobe PDF file (PDF - 3.52MB) (1hr 29sec)
Ruba Borno,
Cisco's Chief of Staff

Kar Yen Mooi
2015 NetRiders Champion,

Julia Vella
# 10 Ranked 2015 NetRiders,

Elise Marrott
2012 Regional NetRiders Runner Up

Lathifah Fatharani,
2014 Indonesian National Winner,
Female Champions proving IT's not just for the boys. Adobe PDF file (PDF - 10MB) (1hr 04sec)

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Rockin Women At Cisco - Series 1

Speaker Presentation Recording
Monique Morrow
Chief Technology Officer
Adobe PDF file (PDF - 4.65MB) (1hr 21min)
Janet Ramey
Vice President
Technical Services
Adobe PDF file (PDF - 2.48MB) (1hr 6min)
Vanessa Sulikowski
Distinguished Systems Engineer
Adobe PDF file (PDF - 1.44MB) (1hr 4min)
Shraddha Chaplot
Greenginner and Machinegineer
Adobe PDF file (PDF - 7.37MB) (58min 37sec)

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