Women Rock-IT Presentations and Recordings

Women Rock-IT: Series 4

Speaker Topic Presentation Recording
Sona Shah (Chicago) - USA
CEO Co-Founder,

Meghann Rhynard-Geil (Portland, USA)
Technology for Development Advisor,
Digital Communities, Mercy Corps

How is Technology Helping Crisis-Affected Populations and Saving Babies around the World?
Vicki Batka
Managing Director
Cisco Partner Organisation
Asia Pacific & Japan

Aditi Cadha
Founder and CEO

Technology Preserving Endangered Species and Fashion Meets the Internet of Things to Keep Women Safe
Adobe PDF file (PDF -11.6MB)
Mariana Dahan (USA)
CEO and Founder
World Identity Network (WIN)

Natalie Ren’s (Australia)
Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Meet the Women Solving Some of Humanity’s Toughest Challenges Using Technology
Adobe PDF file (PDF - 7.40MB)
Catherine Ball (Australia)
Founder and Executive Director
World of Drones

Zoe Condliffe (Australia)
CEO and Founder
She’s a Crowd

Meet the Women Discovering New Ways of Story Telling with Technology
Adobe PDF file (PDF - 6.80MB)
Jude Ower MBE
Founder and CEO

Mahla Kafami
JAR Aerospace Australia

Rebecca Clements
Executive Manager
JAR Areospace

Harnessing the Power of Technology for a Better World
Adobe PDF file (PDF - 12.7MB)
Sandra Ragg
Head of the Office of the
Prime Minister's Cyber
Security Special Adviser

Samantha Symond
Cisco Cybersecurity Professional

Kate Finazzo
Cisco Cybersecurity Professional

Meet the Women Powering the Flight Against Cyber-crime
Ruma Balasubramanian
Vice President,
Enterprise & Digital Transformation

Michelle Dennedy
Vice President and Chief Privacy Officer

The Scary and Exciting Future of Tech Jobs - The Impact of Disruption on your Career
Dr. Jenine Beekhuyzen
Tech Girls Movement

Girls Are Tech Superhero's
Dr Sarah Cooper
General Manager
IoT Solutions
Amazon Web Services

Azalea Miller
Software Development Engineer

Kiki Levanti
Software Development Engineer

Converting the Physical World to Digital Reality
Mary Elizabeth McCulloch, 
Project Vive 

Kathy Gong, 
Wafa Games

Social Entrepreneurs Using Tech
to Solve Global Problems

Adobe PDF file (PDF - 7.3MB)

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Women Rock-IT: Series 3

Speaker Topic Presentation Recording
Erin Yamaoka, 
Technical Account Manager at Grameen

Brandi DeCarli, 
Founding Partner, Farm from a Box.

Global Problem Solvers Who Are
Guardians of Our Planet
Adobe PDF file (PDF - 7.50MB)
Ayesha Khanna, 
Tech, Fintech and Smart Cities Advisor 

Marisa Warren, 
CEO, Chair & Founding Director @ ELEVACAO

Meet Two Entrepreneurs Developing the
Next Generation of Global Problem
Adobe PDF file (PDF - 5.24MB) (58min)
Nora Ayanian,
Gabilan Assistant Professor of
Computer Science

Tanuja Ganu,
Co-Founder and CTO at DataGlen Inc.
Meet the Amazing Women Using
Technology to Change the World
Adobe PDF file (PDF - 5.20MB) (60min)

Juliette Gimenez,

Co-Founder & CEO, Goxip


Niki Tsuraya Yaumi,

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Goers App

She Started IT Adobe PDF file (PDF - 4.21MB) (60min)

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Women Rock-IT: Series 2

Speaker Topic Presentation Recording
Alane Cahalane
Co-Founder and Chief
Technology Officer
Veterinary Specialty

Anu Sridharan
Co-Founder and Chief
Technology Officer
The Surprising Role
Technology Plays in
Helping People and the Planet
Adobe PDF file (PDF - 4.6MB) (59min 34sec)
Ai Ching Goh
Founder and CEO

Xania Wong
Co-founder and CEO
Meet The Rock'in Entrepreneurs Using
Tech For Business Success
Adobe PDF file (PDF - 6.98MB) (62min 46sec)
Jodie Fox
Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer,

Shraddha Chaplot
Machinegineer at Cisco Systems, Inc.
Women + Tech = Innovation Adobe PDF file (PDF - 3.52MB) (1hr 29sec)
Ruba Borno,
Cisco's Chief of Staff

Kar Yen Mooi
2015 NetRiders Champion,

Julia Vella
# 10 Ranked 2015 NetRiders,

Elise Marrott
2012 Regional NetRiders Runner Up

Lathifah Fatharani,
2014 Indonesian National Winner,
Female Champions proving IT's not just for the boys. Adobe PDF file (PDF - 10MB) (1hr 04sec)

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Women Rock-IT: Series 1

Speaker Presentation Recording
Monique Morrow
Chief Technology Officer
Adobe PDF file (PDF - 4.65MB) (1hr 21min)
Janet Ramey
Vice President
Technical Services
Adobe PDF file (PDF - 2.48MB) (1hr 6min)
Vanessa Sulikowski
Distinguished Systems Engineer
Adobe PDF file (PDF - 1.44MB) (1hr 4min)
Shraddha Chaplot
Greenginner and Machinegineer
Adobe PDF file (PDF - 7.37MB) (58min 37sec)

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