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 Why Cisco Security?

Cisco stands apart

See more and protect faster with smarter security that accelerates your business. Cisco Security is designed to help you get where you need to go, faster. Security should clear a path, not get in the way. Our security is the best. Regardless of your environment, we deliver the security you need to thrive as a business.

Global threat intelligence

Our security technology can be leveraged in any environment. We’ve built unmatched threat intelligence and visibility into everything we do.

Intelligence spans the entire Cisco Security Platform and permeates everything we do. No other competitor can see across the network, endpoint, cloud, DNS, email, and everything in between.

Talos security expertise

Security expertise underpins everything we do. Connects security expertise to global threat intelligence and talent team. And Zero Trust. Design expertise, product building expertise. Or security services. You don’t just want a security product; you want a secure business. That’s the value our security services deliver.

Open APIs

The only way you're going to be able to secure your business is for everything to work together.  At Cisco, we want to be the foundation of your stack, but we acknowledge you’ll be using solutions from other vendors.

We have more partnerships than any other security company. While we work on the network side, the security side, the identity side, the access side, and more, we're not closed off.

Security standards

The same goes for security standards - we're not trying to reinvent the wheel here; we want to give you four wheels. When it comes to security standards, we want to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and work being done in this robust community, around open source projects and security standards. We want to bring all of that in.

Academic and industry validated technology

That’s where the academic and industry validated technology comes in - we have a lot of patents, research that we put out there for others to take advantage of and raise the tide for security across the board.

We want to be a good partner not only to our customers, but also to the larger security community. 

Published Open Source

And we’re serious about being open with our technology. We're committed to making an effort on all of these fronts.

We’re open with our inventions. We have published and open source code around cryptography and machine learning and anything that seems like a black box. Our belief is, it needs to be transparent.

Shared policy, context and data

You don't have to be a 20-year security veteran to be effective with our tools.

And we've figured out a lot of good controls and apparatus. You're trying to do a thing while we have 50 other customers that are doing that same thing. So we can provide a lot of information and expertise on how your workflows for protecting slack and salesforce should work. Or how workflows for setting up 14 remote offices that do or do not VPN into the main office can work. We've worked with every type of company, and we've built a lot of workflows for every type of scenario.

Everyone's needs are unique. We can provide as custom a solution you need, or as out of the box as is warranted.

How does this help you accelerate your business?

The powerful, open platform keeps you safer as you focus on pursuing what’s next. This means protecting your entire business with a single approach becomes easy. Expanding your business to new branches and adding that new SaaS solution becomes easy. You can become the department of “yes” – say “yes” to new initiatives fasters. And with security out of the way you can focus your teams on higher impact work. And we’re proud of our work.


Zero Trust, verify first before granting access

Securing all access across your networks, applications, and environment.

Secure your remote workers

Connecting and protecting people and devices working remotely.

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