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Take Cyber Action as a Security leader in the Public Sector

With cyberthreats on the rise, public sector security leaders need to create safer communities and platforms to help to protect their global citizens.

Top cybersecurity challenges security leaders in the public sector face

Public sector security leaders are frequently tasked with delivering digital solutions that can reduce costs and maximize existing resources, all while enabling staff to deliver effective, secure, and connected public services.

Here are 4 things you can do:

Changing workforce

Connect, integrate, and modernize. Transform your organization and improve productivity to help support staff deliver secure, efficient, and effective local services.

The Zero Trust Fundamentals

Applications, users, and devices are moving outside the trusted network perimeter that is traditionally protected by a security stack. That protected perimeter is now dissolving and it can no longer be the trusted network boundary.

Reduce the complexity of securing security solutions

Security solutions must provide visibility and the capability to enforce policy. Yet, they cannot be complex to administer, maintain, or configured in ways that are confusing or low value.

Managing cyber risks


Cyber risk is one of the top 10 global business risks and many leaders are looking to improve their ability to keep up with the sophistication and stealth of attackers.

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