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Take Cyber Action as a Security leader in the Commercial Sector

Commercial sector security leaders need to strike a balance between protecting their company against cyber attacks and providing solutions that don't compromise growth for the business or ease of use for customers.

Top cybersecurity challenges security leaders in the commercial sector face

No business is too small to be at risk of a cyber attack and a lack of focus on cybersecurity can result in significant financial and reputational loss. Take the necessary steps to mitigate risks and protect your company and your customers.

Here are 4 things you can do:

Security in a multicloud world

Increasingly, organizations are leveraging the benefits of the multicloud world to drive operational efficiencies, scale, and expand growth. While the benefits are clear, securing multicloud environments like SaaS apps, public cloud infrastructure, and hybrid cloud environments can be complex.

Adopt a Zero Trust Strategy

Traditional security solutions were based on the concept of a finite network perimeter. But with the evolution of today’s workplace, the perimeter has changed due to the introduction of technologies like the cloud, mobile, and the internet of things (IoT).

Secure your remote workers

Your employees need secure access to their applications and critical resources, whether in the cloud or on-premises behind perimeter security. Learn how you can effectively enable your employees to safely connect to their network and teammates from anywhere and on any device.

Secure data, governance, and privacy

Learn how you can get your privacy rights to improve your customer relationships, operational efficiency, and bottom-line results.

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