Take Cyber Action Now

From SMB owners to IT managers, everyone has a part to play in keeping their organization safe from online threats.

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. An annual campaign aimed at educating the public about the importance of cybersecurity.
Cisco Secure is proud to provide educational resources to help inform, educate, and empower people everywhere.

Week 1: Be Cyber Smart

We are gearing up for a month full of content to help educate you and your families about cybersecurity best practices. Check out our resources for the first week.

Rethink your security posture

Test your knowledge and stay cyber smart with our 10 top tips for staying secure online.

Secure your small business

Learn about managing cybersecurity on a small-business budget.

Protect nonprofits

Learn why safeguarding charitable organizations is vital for global and enterprise security.

Week 2: Fight the phish

Check out our resources for the second week to learn more about how to stay safe from cyberattacks.

8 ransomware defense tips

Ransomware is wreaking havoc. Learn how it works and how you can stop it.

Ransomware partnerships

See what a global effort to address ransomware attacks should look like.

Cybersecurity explained

Ransomware, phishing, zero trust: We explain complicated concepts in simple language.

Week 3: Cybersecurity career awareness

This week we will highlight resources that inspire and promote the exploration of cybersecurity careers.

Explore career possibilities

Read the stories of cybersecurity professionals from around the world and hear how they got their starts.

5 tips to help you get hired

Check out our five tips to help you convince the hiring manager that you are the candidate to hire. 

Support women in security

Here are 12 organizations paving the way to help women achieve their potential in cybersecurity.

Week 4: Cybersecurity first

The fourth week of Cybersecurity Awareness Month is all about making security a priority, no matter where you are.

Work from anywhere, safely

Wherever the future of work takes you, these tips can help protect your privacy and keep you secure.

Take security to new levels

Explore seven actions you can take to boost cloud security, deliver safe internet access, and fortify your network.

Retailers face attacks

In the physical world and in cyberspace, retail is one of the most targeted industries.


Latest report

Cybersecurity for SMBs: Asia Pacific Businesses Prepare for Digital Defense

75% of SMBs in Asia Pacific are more worried about cybersecurity now than they were 12 months ago. Find out what’s driving this fear and how SMBs can better protect their business. 

Training and certifications

Cisco SASE Academy

Security and access in the year of the hybrid workplace: This five-session virtual series begins on September 29.

Secure the future

Explore how Cisco Security training and certifications prepare you for key job roles.

Acquire cybersecurity skills

With the right training, you can have your pick of jobs. Start your training today with Networking Academy.

Events and webinars

Focus on your most critical threats with Secure Network Analytics

Join us on October 27 to learn how to prevent breaches using advanced security analytics and machine-learning.

Between the Chair and Keyboard

Join Duo Advisory CISO Wolfgang Goerlich to hear pragmatic tips and tactics for decreasing risk.

Threat Spotlight, Episode 1

Our webinar series educates about modern threats and how to craft a cybersecurity strategy.


Security Stories

Security leaders from around the world reveal how they got into the industry.

Talos Takes

Join Talos security experts each week for a 5-to-10-minute dive into complex security topics.

Unhackable with Mike Storm

Mike focuses on cybersecurity best practices that help defend you against hackers online and off.

Cisco Secure threat intelligence and thought leadership

Women in Cybersecurity

Our latest e-book contains inspiring stories of inclusion and support in the cybersecurity industry.

2021 Security Outcomes Study

This new study provides methods for improving program success, retaining security talent, and more.

Threat Insights

These blogs look at today's top threat trends and the leading techniques to protect against them.

CISO Conversations

Cisco CISO Advisors discuss various aspects of cybersecurity, including how it impacts the business and how threats can be overcome.

Offers from Cisco Secure

Cisco Secure Hybrid Work

Enable security everywhere so you can empower work anywhere with the Cisco Secure Hybrid Work solution.

Extended detection and response (XDR)

Boost operational productivity using a cloud-native platform with analytics and automation built in.