Internet Phones

Cisco Unified IP Phones

Learn about an Internet phone that is as smart as a computer, but is as easy to use as an ordinary phone-the Cisco Unified IP Phone 7900 Series.

Internet Phones

Get an Internet phone that is as smart as a computer, but as easy to use as an ordinary phone. Cisco Unified IP phones enhances the productivity of your employees by opening up new Internet phone capabilities, giving workers voice and data communications wherever they go.

The Cisco Unified IP Phones:

  • Gives employees the capability of leaving voicemail that colleagues can access through their computers, and even view when they are on the phone
  • Improves productivity through new and innovative telephony applications that can be run right on the Internet phone, including time-and-attendance, billing, and other telephony-based tools
  • Allows access to traditional phone features like multiple lines, call-forwarding, call rollover, and audio conferencing
  • Offers multiple network compatibility and connectivity options that can automatically recognize when your Internet phones are plugged into the network, eliminating the cost and complexity of adding or moving your Internet phones
  • Provides support for major wireless and security standards

Additional Internet phone features of the Cisco Unified IP Phones include:

  • Internet phone models for a variety of environments, including office, lobby, manufacturing floor, branch offices, home, or mobile
  • Standards-based development environment for new productivity applications
  • Built-in Internet phone user guide
  • Easily visible on-screen command keys
  • User-friendly Internet phone touch screens in color
  • Conference phone capabilities with easy connection to external speakers
  • Hearing-aid compatibility
  • Audible and visual alerts
  • Reduced phone installation and cabling costs

Internet phones from Cisco retain the communications capabilities your employees use every day-and add new ones that help increase each employee’s ability to collaborate. Thanks to network integration, every Internet phone is easy to install, manage, and update.


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