• Date:16-18 October 2018
  • Location: Lotto Mons Expo, Belgium
  • Duration: 3 days

Cisco @ NIAS’18

NIAS’18 brings together key players involved in ensuring effective Information Assurance and Cyber Security policies and practices within the 28 NATO Nations. It's the biggest event in the NATO Calendar addressing current strategic and technical issues and showcasing the most diverse range of new and innovative products and services. Visit Cisco at NIAS'18 to find out how you can detect and stop threats with our cybersecurity products.

When it comes to cybersecurity, we know that complexity and fragmentation is one of your greatest enemies. Risk of data loss and breach, network downtime, lower productivity can undermine your organization’s competitiveness. 

Fancy learning about how this can all be made a lot easier for you? 

Join us at Stand G2 to:

·        Meet our solutions experts

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·        Watch live demos and learn about our security products and solutions

Speaking Sessions

Tuesday, 16th October

Industry Keynote - Disruption on High: Managing Cyber Risk with a Mobile Workforce in a Multi-Cloud World

Anthony Grieco, Trust Strategy Officer, Cisco System

Digital disruption is shifting the workforce, changing business models and increasing cloud adoption across industries. With it comes new technical capabilities that fundamentally disrupt the role, mission and focus of cyber defense. This session will share experiences from the private sector on how this journey is progressing, where the balance between capability, adversary and defense is today as well as highlight a few unsolved challenges.

Anthony Grieco
Wednesday, 17th October

Workshop Session - Securing the Mobile Workforce: Hitting the First Hop, Compromising the Systems that Connect You.

Martin Lee, Technical Lead Security Research, Talos, Cisco Systems

VPNFilter infected 500 000 small office / home office routers, giving an APT threat actor the ability to read, modify and disrupt network traffic handled by these devices. In this presentation I will discuss the capability and interest of threat actors in compromising routers, and present in detail the features of VPNFilter.

Martin Lee
Thursday, 18th October
08:40 – 09:35

Panel Session 4 - Attracting Diverse Talent

Moderated by Christopher Rose, Head of General Service and Human Resources, NCI Agency

with Sofia Tenreiro, General Manager Portugal, Cisco Systems

Sofia Tenreiro

Cisco Mini Theatre (Stand G2)

Tuesday, 16th October 10:45-11:15

Wednesday, 17th October 14:00-14:30

Thursday,18th October 10:30-11:00

Group 123: A Korean Writing Threat Actor”
Martin Lee, Technical Lead Security Research, Talos, Cisco Systems

Martin Lee
Tuesday, 16th October 15:00-15:30

Wednesday, 17th October 11:00-11:30

GravityRAT: An Evolving APT Campaign
Martin Lee, Technical Lead Security Research, Talos, Cisco Systems

Martin Lee
Tuesday, 16th October 10:00-10:30

Wednesday, 17th October 16:00-16:30

ThreatWall: A Look Inside
Bart Van Hoecke, Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco Systems

Bart Van Hoecke
Tuesday, 16th October 16:00-16:30

Wednesday, 17th October 10:00-10:30

Cisco Trustworthy Systems. The Foundation of Cisco Security
Stefano De Crescenzo, Business Development Manager, Cisco Systems

Stefano De Crescenzo
Tuesday, 16th October 11:15-11:45

Wednesday, 17th October 11:30-12:00

Thursday,18th October 11:00-11:30

The Artificial Reality of Cyber Defense
Fabio Palozza, Technical Director, EMEA/CALA, Radware
Graham Moore, Security Solutions Architect, EMEA & CALA, Radware

Fabio Palozza Graham Moore

Products & Services

Prevention. Detection. Response.

Adversaries are taking malware to unprecedented levels of sophistication and impact. The growing number and variety of malware types and families perpetuates chaos in the attack landscape by undermining government efforts to gain and hold ground on threats. As adversaries increasingly target the public sector, their goals become more varied. While financial rewards continue to be a top priority, more emphasis is being placed on the destruction of data and damaging key infrastructure. And there appears to be a clear attempt to disrupt governance and sow seeds of distrust and fear.

To keep public sector networks secure, government must continually adapt and respond to current and emerging threats by adopting innovative technologies and processes. Government must increase resilience from attacks by adopting an end-to-end, threatcentric cybersecurity approach that provides deeper visibility into networks. Learn more.

    Give your staff highly secure access

    Reduce the risk of security breaches with Secure Access. Connect people anytime, anywhere, using any devices. Increase their productivity as you enable access across your wired, wireless, and VPN networks. Gain visibility into all users and devices that come on your network. Quickly set up guest access and support a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) workplace. Learn more.

    Trustworthy. Transparent. Accountable.

    Customers should insist on explicit trust. Only by being trustworthy, transparent, and accountable can a vendor earn the right to be considered a TRUSTED PARTNER. A trusted partner weaves security into the very fabric of their business — securing their data, processes, products, services, and employees to deliver true pervasive security. Learn more.

    Cisco Talos

    Meet our industry-leading team of security intelligence and research experts who regularly share analyses of threats and provide you with tools to help protect you against them.  Discover Talos

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    Venue & Transport Info

    Event Location

    Lotto Expo Centre

    Address: Avenue Thomas Edison 2, 7000 Mons, Belgium

    Telephone: +32 65 39 94 94

    Website: www.lottomonsexpo.be/

    How To Get There


    By Air

    Brussels Airport is situated approximately 90 minutes from Mons. From the airport, there is an hourly train service to Mons: brusselsairport2203.be/en/.




    There is a regular service from Brussel J Zuid and Mons with a journey time of just over 60 minutes. Mons railway station is located approximately 1500m over the footbridge from the railway station (15minute walk).




    There is a taxi rank located at the main train station.




    Travelling from Brussels by road is approximately 70km via E19




    Car park is available in the vicinity of Expo Mons.