The event «Green Cities Transformation led by e-mobility» took place at the International Digital Transformation & Digital Skills Center

July 9th, 2021

The event «Green Cities Transformation led by e-mobility» took place on July 8, at the International Center for Digital Transformation and Digital Skills.

The event focused on issues of strategy and actions related to e-mobility, good international initiative practices, as well as the participation of e-mobility in the Green Cities Transformation. At the same time, in the courtyard of the Center, a demonstration of Smart City and Electric Vehicle solutions took place.

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High-ranking executives and heads of ministries, institutions, and businesses attended the event. Specifically, greetings were made by:

  • Maria Antoniou - Director of the Prime Minister's Office in Thessaloniki
  • Stavros Kalafatis - Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs for Macedonia-Thrace 
  • Efthymios Bakogiannis - General Secretary of Spatial Planning and Urban Environment, Ministry of Environment and Energy
  • Voula Patoulidou, Deputy Regional Governor of the Metropolitan Unit of Thessaloniki, Region of Central Macedonia

Speeches were given by:

  • Konstantinos Gioutikas - Deputy Regional Governor of Development and Environment, Central Macedonia, who referred to the contribution and actions of the Regions in green development.
  • George Papanastasiou - Chairman of KEDE Environment Committee, Mayor of Agrinio, who described the strategy and actions of KEDE for e-mobility.
  • Christos Retsas - CEO, Greenesco Energy SA, who presented how Municipalities can be the pioneers of Green Development.
  • Kyriakos Kofinas - General Manager of e-Mobility division, DEI SA, who described the way of transition to Renewable Energy Sources and to e-Mobility. He also noted that e-Mobility is a new world and something we have been planning from the beginning, but with great interest, since it is not just a new way of life but a substantial green investment.
  • Mavridoglou Antonis - Vice President of the KOSMOCAR Board of Directors, who referred to the new trends in e-Mobility, as well as the successful implementation of Astypalea. At the same time, he presented the Group's fast chargers coverage map, which includes 65 points throughout Greece.
  • Tareq Al Jizawi - CEO Globismart, who analyzed the input of e-Mobility in the Green Transformation, as well as the conditions for the right approach to the digital transformation of a Municipality, which includes accurate tracking of needs, the right platform, the right data development network and the right choice of applications.
  • Fabio Magnoni - General Manager, Rampini S.A., who developed the new data in e-Mobility and international good practices.