Reworks Agora x Sphera Day

"The next day"

October 4th,2021

Can we act effectively on anything that happens tomorrow?

Reworks agora, the forum of ideas and opinions of reworks, took place on October 2 & 3 in Thessaloniki. In its fifth event, it invited artists, researchers and changemakers to give us their own perspective on how they envision the next day and how they mold it.

Discussions, speeches, installations, music concerts and Dj Sets ran at the International Center for Digital Transformation and Digital Skills (DT&S) -Cisco. Last year, we all saw an incomparable change in our lives. A pandemic, a rising climate change, the issue of human rights and equality, the evolution of technology and artificial Intelligence.

All of these have taught us that our adaptability must be the first and last thing we need to worry about. In such a period, with such great challenges, it is important to think and communicate.

Reworks Agora brought into focus, once again, ideas and people who can inspire the next step, through discussions, exchange of opinions and music.

For the first time, Reworks Agora was held for two days, in collaboration with the European project Sphera, creating the two-day reworks agora x Sphera 2021, and starting a dialogue on how our societies can become better, from now on.