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Between an idea and production, there’s a bridge.

 See manufacturing in the digital age with Cisco.

Welcome to digital manufacturing

Stop struggling to keep pace with demand. Outpace competitors with the world’s best technology products and solutions.

average reduction in New Product Introduction cycle using digital solutions.

average reduction in defects using digital solutions.

average reduction in downtime using digital solutions.

Downtime. Defects. Data.

We know what keeps you up at night.

No one said it would be easy

Whether it’s downtime, product defects, or data security, all manufacturers face these business challenges.

Industry 4.0: 11 Questions answered

Get the Industry 4.0 answers you’ve been looking for.

Tap into the power of your supply chain

Discover how supply chain data can improve your bottom line.

Why Cisco for Manufacturing?

We’re more than an IT company. Find out why top manufacturers trust us in their factory environments.

I want to…

Manage risk

Secure data across your supply chain with solutions designed for the future of business.

Reduce downtime

Get more from employees with technology they actually like to use.

Get more from my data

Discover how a digital-ready network gets you ahead of the competition.