Featured Speakers

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Featured Speakers

Jeff Apcar
Distinguished Services Engineer

Jeff Apcar is a Distinguished Services Engineer in Cisco's Advanced Services team. He has been with Cisco for 13 years and has over 30 years of experience in IP networking and data communications. He has worked with nearly every major service provider in the AsiaPac region in designing and building IP, MPLS and Carrier Ethernet networks. He was responsible for the design the first world's first IP+ATM network.

Today, Jeff provides design consultancy, training, chalk talks and workshops in many areas of networking including MPLS, Traffic Engineering, Quality-of-Service, Multicast, Routing Protocols, Fast Convergence, IPv6, Carrier Ethernet, Smart Object Networks and Mobile IP. This responsibility includes producing highly detailed and accurate design documents (Low Level Designs). He also performs the unique task as the technical editor on very large projects which require many engineers to produce deliverables such as Low Level Designs and Test Plans.

Jeff is well known for his knowledge in MPLS and is a co-author of the Cisco Press publication MPLS and VPN Architectures Volume II. He has also contributed to the Cisco Press publications Internetworking Technologies Handbook, MPLS Security, Service Provider QoS and holds several patents in MPLS and Traffic Engineering.

Frank Brockners
Distinguished Engineer

Frank Brockners is Distinguished Engineer in Cisco's Network Operating Systems Technology Group, leading architecture development for Cisco's Software Defined Networking (SDN)/Open Network Environment (ONE) initiative. Since his days as a researcher, his professional interests centre on distributed systems, the evolution of Ethernet, network policy and identity control, multicast and IPv6. Frank, who is a 13-year Cisco veteran, holds a M.Sc./diploma degree in Electrical Engineering (Aachen, University of Technology, Germany; 1994) as well as a Ph.D./Dr. degree in Information Science (University of Cologne, Germany; 1999). When traveling, you can find Frank attending standards meetings such as the IETF and ONF, presenting at conferences and industry events, such as Cisco Live, where he is recognized as a distinguished speaker, or negotiating his way up a rock or ice face of a mountain.

LJ Wobker
Technical Marketing Engineer

Lawrence ("LJ") Wobker is a Technical Marketing Engineer for the Edge Routing Business Unit at Cisco. He started at Cisco in 1997 as an intern pulling cables and recreating customer issues in the TAC, and since then has worked in the ISP support team, Advanced Services Central Engineering, and as a TME for the GSR 12000 series, the CRS-1/3 Series, and currently the ASR 9000. His professional interests include hardware and system level architecture, QoS and packet forwarding designs, fast convergence, software defined networking, and on a good day he even remembers a little tiny bit of routing from way back when. His true passion is skydiving, where highlights include a 2011 gold medal in 8-way formation skydiving and a 200-way formation built in 2010. Outside of trying to solve networking problems and jumping from airplanes, he enjoys flying, travel, science, and scuba diving.