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Live streaming and exclusive online interviews. 6-9 March 2018

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Cisco Live Melbourne 2018: Join the Experience online!

Cisco Live Melbourne 2018: Join the experience online!

  •  6 - 9th March 2018

From the 6th to the 9th of March 2018 we will be live streaming our Keynote sessions, Innovation Talks and Cybersecurity Insights so you don't miss out! Hear insights from Cisco executives and industry thought leaders on the technology trends and innovative capabilities that will enable your business to be more agile and secure.

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Cisco Live Innovation Talks

We have selected some of the top 2018 recommended sessions for you. 


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Cisco Live Featured Speakers

Cisco Live Opening Keynote

Rowan Trollope

Senior Vice President and General Manager,
Applications, Cisco

Session Time: 7th March at 10:30am

Cisco Live Technology Keynote

Liz Centoni

Senior Vice President and General Manager,
Computing Systems Product Group, Cisco

Session Time: 8th March at 11:00am

Top Tech Trends 2018

Kevin Bloch

Chief Technology Officer,
Cisco Australia and New Zealand

Session Time: 7th March at 2:00pm