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See how Cisco Unified Web Interaction Manager helps increase customer satisfaction while increasing agent productivity. (3:43 min)

Increase sales, generate new revenue opportunities, and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty with the tools provided by the Cisco Unified Web Interaction Manager. Powerful Web chat and collaboration features enable your contact center agents to deliver immediate answers to customer questions supported by comprehensive information stored in a shared knowledgebase of Web pages and other Web-based content.

Cisco Unified Web Interaction Manager provides:

The ability to deliver effective, personalized assistance that enhances the customer experience makes Cisco Unified Web Interaction Manager an ideal solution for both sales- and service-oriented contact centers. High-value, live, and highly secure assistance to online customers and prospects helps your company convert Website visitors into profitable, long-term customers.

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Cisco Unified E-Mail Interaction Manager and Unified Web Interaction Manager
Watch this flash to understand the benefits of these multi-channel solutions, and for a step-by-step demonstration of the key features and capabilities.

Enhance Your Customer Interactions
See how your contact center agents can use Cisco Unified Web Interaction Manager to create an e-mail handling process that makes your customer interactions more personalized, focused, effective, and satisfying.

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