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Módulo empresarial del controlador de infraestructura de política de aplicación de Cisco

Automate network configuration and setup

APIC-EM is a central part of Cisco Digital Network Architecture. It delivers software-defined networking to the enterprise branch, campus, and WAN. Its simple user interface lets you automate policy-based application profiles. With this module, IT can respond rapidly to new business opportunities. 

    What Cisco APIC-EM can do for you

    Deploy network devices faster

    Automate device deployment and provisioning across the enterprise.

    Provide a programmable network

    Enable developers to create new applications that use the network to fuel business growth.

    Increase productivity

    Use policy-based automation to deliver services to the network based on business priority.

    Offer a great application experience

    Real-time network assurance helps ensure a consistent application experience.


    Cisco Enterprise Service Automation (ESA)

    Automate deployment and provisioning of physical and virtual network services on any platform.

    Cisco Intelligent WAN (IWAN)

    Automate branch router configuration and management with software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) technology. 

    Plug-and-play (PnP)

    Deploy Cisco enterprise routers, switches, and wireless controllers without the need for human intervention.

    Path trace

    View paths to simplify and accelerate the task of troubleshooting connectivity problems. 

    Easy QoS

    Use quality of service (QoS) to prioritize applications across your network in minutes.

    How to get started with APIC-EM

    Download the software

    APIC-EM can be downloaded at no charge. No license is required.

    Install and configure

    You can install APIC-EM on an APIC-EM appliance or virtual machine. Get the instructions.

    License applications

    You can buy applications through Cisco ONE Software.


    Smart Net Total Care

    Reduce downtime with expert support and tools to help you solve problems faster and increase your productivity.

    Network Optimization Service

    Simplify processes and gather network insights. Then spend your time innovating and improving customer experiences.

    Migration Support Services

    Reduce the risk of operating with unsupported, aging technologies while you plan and implement migration projects.

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    Fast IT transforms the network

    See how SDN enables IT agility with simplicity, openness, and innovation.

    Digital-era network design

    Our open, software-based approach helps you prepare for new opportunities at digital speed.

    News and events

    Create an agile network

    See how the latest APIC-EM features can massively simplify your enterprise network.

    Begin your digital transformation

    Learn why more than 1400 customers have used APIC-EM for software-defined networking.

    Meet the developer community

    Connect with your peers and learn more about coding APIs for APIC-EM.



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