TechWiseTV: Enterprise Network Automation with APIC-EM

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TechWiseTV: Enterprise Network Automation with APIC-EM


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What can policy-based automation do for your organization? Join our team of software-defined networking experts for this unique episode and find out.

By sparing your IT team the manual, time-consuming tasks of policy deployment, service provisioning, and application prioritization, primary advancements inside Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module can have applications up and running across your branch, WAN, and campus in mere minutes.

In this episode we will look at how:

  • Cisco Enterprise Service Automation (ESA) reduces IT operational expenses by simplifying and automating the processes involved in deploying services at the branch.
  • EasyQoS enables you to dynamically update networkwide quality of service settings based on your application policies and make sure the right application is prioritized to provide the best experience for users.