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Small Business Wireless Networking

Find the right wireless networking solution for your business, and gain access to your network resources from any location. Get easy setup, robust security, convenience, cost savings, and no stress.

Network Basics for Small Businesses

Which access point is right for you?

Consider these four factors when deciding on the right wireless solution for your business.

How many people need access?

How many people will access your wireless network, and from what distance? You need an access point that maximizes capacity without sacrificing range.

Do you need high-level network traffic management and security?

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) gives you extra network traffic management and security. If you need DPI, choose an access point with a high level of processing power, which DPI requires.

How important is security?

If it's critical, get an access point with a dedicated security radio. This additional radio can continuously scan for and protect against threats and adapt to interference.

Do you need a future-ready network?

Get access points with 802.11ac Wave 2 to make sure your wireless network performs as well tomorrow as it does today.

Cloud-managed wireless networks

Meraki MR33

Entry-level, cloud-managed 802.11ac wireless.

Meraki MR42

Cloud management, 802.11ac performance, and a dedicated security radio.

Wireless networking solution recommended for you

Meraki MR33 indoor access point

Small businesses buy this access point because it's entry level and cloud managed. The MR33 is easy to manage without a full IT staff.

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Support Essentials

Easy, cost-effective network support that includes next-business day hardware replacement when needed.

Smart Net Total Care

Award-winning technical support that proactively supports your infrastructure so you can focus on business innovation.

Meraki RMA Only Services

Full product replacement and optional onsite resources.

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