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How digital maturity impacted the small business response to COVID-19

🕒 3 min read

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4 reasons why Wi-Fi fails in your office – and how to fix it

A fast, reliable network is essential for employee productivity and for many operational processes to work seamlessly. The speed and reliability of wireless networks have improved significantly over the past decade, but that doesn’t mean that many off-the-shelf products don’t suffer from connectivity issues that range from patchy connectivity to complete outages.

How automating IT tasks allows your small business to focus on what matters: Growth

Maintaining, troubleshooting and upgrading IT infrastructure can be a thankless but critical task. It’s repetitive, prone to error, and can cause real frustration among your IT staff. Automating some of those IT tasks is a great way to reduce downtime during maintenance and upgrades, improve accuracy, decrease costs and, most importantly, free up your skilled IT engineers to do what they were hired to do.

WiFi troubleshooting for small businesses cuts business downtime

Wifi is now the number one method for connecting to a network, but for IT managers, it can also be the number one headache. Solving wifi problems eats up IT time and drains employees productivity. In this article, we look at why wifi works the way it does, what the most common wifi problems are, and how to troubleshoot wifi in your own network.