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Cisco Trusted Workplace

The workplace is changing. For the good.

In industries worldwide, workplaces are being re-invented. Offices re-opened. Floor plans re-designed. Businesses are taking new measures to protect the health of their employees—and they’re pioneering new hybrid models of remote and on-premises work. How do you make the new workplace work for you?

The immediate challenge

How to balance safety and productivity.

Many businesses have found themselves struggling to maintain productivity while protecting their employees. It shouldn’t be a trade-off.

  • But some safety strategies are so expensive that they undercut the ability of a business to survive. Other strategies are cheap and fast—and result in disease outbreaks, closures, and a loss of employee trust.
  • There is another way. Technology can give you smarter ways to keep your people safe while they work, and to adapt your workspaces as needed for the changing level of risk you face.
  • And work itself is changing. The defining difference in the office of the future may be that in every meeting, every chat, every project, a portion of the team will be dialing in remotely.
  • There will be no more meetings without a screen. That fundamentally changes the way you set up the office itself.

A workplace you can trust

Cisco Trusted Workplace helps you reimagine and redesign your workplace to:

  • Mitigate health risks
  • Support a secure hybrid model of on-premises and remote working
  • Position yourself well for the future of work and smart buildings

How is a Trusted Workplace better than today’s workplace?

It uses smart building technologies in your network and collaboration tools to:

  • Monitor and enforce space utilisation —with people counting, proximity monitoring, and digital notifications—to ensure worker safety and wellness.
  • Enables seamless collaboration - across distributed teams, locations, and organisations—to support a hybrid model of on-site and remote work.

How do you build a Trusted Workplace?

Cisco Trusted Workplace starts with small enhancements to your existing technology infrastructure.

  • Today: Sensors and video cameras help you comply with health and safety policies.
  • Tomorrow: These same sensors and cameras can be repurposed to identify over- and under-used workspace.
  • The future: Smart buildings actively adapt to meet your needs. They sense vacancies and adjust for better efficiency—while your hybrid workplace extends dynamically to fully incorporate a workforce that may be connecting from anywhere.

Industry examples


Care teams collaborate easily and securely even when they are in different locations. Hospital space scales and expands to remote locations when necessary. Physicians collaborate with specialists in remote locations as needed.


Digital learning environments securely connect students and educators anywhere in the world. Social density monitoring ensures a safe on-campus learning experience. Seamless integration between digital and physical learning environments supports collaboration and continuous learning.


Secure, remote operations ensure a safe work environment and industrial workforce continuity. Remote connectivity provides subject matter experts with instant visibility into the systems and equipment needed to run operations.


Trusted workplaces support critical operational continuity, compliance, and efficiency. Secure communications infrastructure allows your organisation to evolve to a seamless distributed work model. Remote connectivity empowers employees and public servants to collaborate and be productive anywhere.

Cisco Trusted Workplace

Safety today, as you create the workplace of tomorrow.