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What is Digital Transformation?

Driving economic growth and productivity improvement in the UK

Digital transformation is disrupting UK organisations in every industry. By harnessing digital transformation to break down barriers between people, processes and technology, organisations can create new products and services, and find more efficient ways of doing business.

By bringing together connectivity, IT security, automation, and analytics, companies of all sizes can:

  • Create new customer experiences
  • Transform business models
  • Empower workforce innovation


For an SMB, digital transformation means sustaining the flexibility for rapid growth, accelerating competitive advantages, and remaining as agile as when a start-up.

For the CIO digital business transformation means stepping up from the engine room of IT operations to become a business partner and leader of digital business. By making digital disruption an ally, CIOs can change boardroom perceptions about IT. Instead of being seen as a restrictive and costly overhead, make IT the enabler and differentiator of your organisation’s strategy.

Cisco’s Country Digital Acceleration programme aligns to the Government’s Digital Strategy

It focuses on the following four areas:

Innovation & Skills

1. Innovation & Skills

Digitisation is bringing explosive change but with our track record in innovation, Cisco is assisting the UK with its ambition to become Europe’s leading digital economy.
It is predicted that within 20 years 90% of all jobs will require some element of digital skills. With our CDA skills track we are looking to drive the adoption of digital skills.

Public Sector & Regional Growth

3. Public Sector & Regional Growth

These projects look to increase the use of technology by government in the delivery of services to business and citizens from healthcare to education.
Regional disparities are now wider in the UK than in other western European nations. In this track we are aligning to the Government’s Regional Devolution agenda.

National Infrastructure & National Security

2. National Infrastructure & National Security

Connectivity drives productivity and innovation, and is the physical underpinning of a digital nation. One of the areas where significant productivity gains can be realised is transportation.
From the Cyber Security perspective, the program is supporting projects aligned to the three core pillars from the government’s Cyber Strategy.

Industrial Strategy & Productivity

4. Industrial Strategy & Productivity

Productivity languishes17% behind the pre-2008 trend. Cisco is engaged in the UK Productivity Council. CDA is involved in projects that span the 10 pillars of the Industrial Strategy from developing skills to clean energy and upgrading infrastructure.

Digital Transformation in Action

Two great examples of Digital Acceleration in action:

Cityverve – Manchester’s Smart City IoT Demonstrator focusing on Transportation, Health & Social care, Energy, Public Realm and Data.

Global CDA Corner

Cisco and TomTom Teaming up to Build Safer, Less Congested Roads

The benefits of digitizing the world’s highways are numerous. Cisco, in partnership with TomTom, is proud to play a role in helping ensure the road ahead is smooth, literally and figuratively, for all the world’s travelers

Digital Transformation Spotlight

CitySPIRE: The next generation of on-demand transport

CitySPIRE is looking to demonstrate the ability to predict and respond to demand with an appropriate supply of vehicles. That is, knowing when (and where) a bus is needed, and when (and where) something smaller might suffice


Public Sector & Regional Growth

Innovation & Skills

Industrial Strategy & Productivity