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The modern IT leader’s new role

Go ahead - make digital disruption your biggest ally.

Meet with Cisco at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo

Barcelona 4-8 November, 2018

Leading digital business transformation

The CIO’s new role

It’s no longer enough to lead IT. Here’s how to lead the digital business.

Business and IT: bridge the gap

Speed decisions, mitigate cybersecurity threats, and manage infrastructure more effectively.

Insight at the Speed of Change

How do you meet the business need for speed? Our research explains.

Bridging the talent gap

Closing the IT skills gap with Cisco Networking Academy

When we talk about the IT skills gap, it’s easy to get lost in statistics.

Working with startups

Startups are a great source of talent — but all partnerships need work to succeed.

Reinvent the Workforce for 21st Century

Reinvent the Workforce for 21st Century: how to find talent to develop a workforce that is ready for digital transformation.

Tackling risk and compliance

Cybersecurity EMEAR

Threats, challenges and impact assessment in the 2018 security-capabilities benchmark study.

Avoid playing security catch-up

What if you could see the future? How would you defend against adversaries?

Why IT Projects Fail

How digital transformation is driving new IT architectures

Supporting exceptional customer experience

Customer experience in 2020

It’s not just retailers — every industry can learn from how customer behaviour is evolving.

BBVA: “the magic is there”

Forrester named BBVA the world’s best online bank. New partnerships were key to success.

Competing on CX

As digital disrupts industries, customer experience dictates competitive advantage

Equipping workers of the future

Keeping Pace with Time-to-Market

Giving workers and suppliers the platform to collaborate is essential when time-to-market defines success.

Workforce Experience 2020

Six trends are shaping the future of work. How can CIOs harness them?

The Way People Work

Collaborate. Engage. How technology plus policies transform productivity in the modern workplace.

Optimising for Innovation

Budget for transformation

Breakthrough the budgeting process to achieve your digital transformation goals.

The what and how of co-innovation

How can companies keep up with the speed of digitization? Here is a proven three-part plan.

Scale-ups, the UK is Europe’s leading light

Start-ups are great – the biggest and best ideas often grown from the smallest seeds – but you can’t stay at the start of your journey forever.

Strategic technology trends you need to know about

Blockchain explained

Blockchain technology is transforming business. Find out what it is and where to start.

Transforming with AI Technologies

Machines learn how to help humans communicate smarter

Reducing risk with multicloud adoption

Adopting Multicloud — A Fact-Based Blueprint for Reducing Enterprise Business Risks.