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2020 Data Privacy Benchmark Study

Discover how organisations are benefiting from data privacy investments.

What we cover in the 2020 data privacy survey

The 2020 Cisco Data Privacy Benchmark Study contains results from a double-blind study of 2800 professionals in 13 countries. Privacy has become a critical business imperative, with organisations seeing significant benefits from their privacy investments.


Most organisations get very positive returns on their privacy investments. For more than 40 percent, benefits are at least double their privacy spend.


Over 70 percent of organisations say they receive significant business benefits from privacy, such as operational efficiency, agility, and innovation.


Eighty-two percent of organisations see privacy certifications such as ISO 27701 and Privacy Shield as a buying factor when selecting a product or vendor. 

2.7X ROI

For every pound spent in data privacy, companies are getting £2.70 worth of improvements to their data loss mitigation, agility, innovation, customer loyalty and other key areas.

From privacy to profit

 Is data privacy a good investment? Read Cisco's 2020 Data Privacy Benchmark Study to find out.

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