Cisco Networking Academy

Cisco Networking Academy

For 20 years, Cisco Networking Academy has changed the lives of over 8 million students in 180 countries by providing education, technical training, and career mentorship.

Between finding your fire and igniting it in others, there's a bridge.

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Opportunity is the most
valuable commodity on Earth.


The gender gap

Worldwide, 24 percent of Cisco Networking Academy students are female, directly combating the growing gender disparity.


The talent gap

70 percent of students who complete Cisco CCNA coursework get new or better jobs, earn higher pay, or take on more responsibility.


The skills gap

In total, Cisco has helped more than 8 million students build the necessary technical skills to succeed in the digital economy.

Explore their stories

2 million students per year by 2020

Count resets July 30 each year.

Chen Liangliang

Zhengzhou, China

“Most people only get the opportunity to pay their success forward to their children. I have the chance to pay it back to my parents. And that means the world to me.”

Soso Luningo

Eastern Cape, South Africa

“I’ve always been a person who likes to adjust. 
Whatever the world throws at you, it's up to you how you handle it.
You can handle it that way or you can just whine that you don't have shoes and not go to school.
There’s always a solution, as long as you open your mind to it.”

Find your opportunity


Learn the skills you need to start–or advance–an exciting career.


Equip your business with highly trained and highly motivated talent.


Share your knowledge and help us change the lives of your students.


Build a workforce that’s ready to thrive in the digital economy.

Learn about the technologies shaping the future


See how the power of an intelligent network gives organisations an edge in the cybersecurity arms race.


Learn how intent-based networking is making the IT industry simpler, smarter, and more innovative.


See how Cisco is enabling flexible workspaces and setting the standard for the modern meeting.


Discover how Cisco is turning a connected world into a better place to work, live, play, and learn.