Serve Customers Better

Serve Customers Better

Power of One

A financing company creates a single virtual office out of many to reach more clients faster. (4:12 min)

Power of One

A financing company creates a single virtual office out of many to reach more clients faster. (4:12 min)

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No matter how you look at it, satisfied customers translate into better profits for your business. The most satisfied customers are those who have easy access to your company 24 hours a day. Linking your customer information to a Cisco voice and data network can help you increase customer satisfaction by:

  • Immediately identifying incoming callers. When customers call, their records pop up on a computer screen. Now your employees have everything they need to quickly address customer inquiries and issues.
  • Viewing other employees' phone status. Don't know the answer to a customer's question? You can quickly determine whether or not the right person to help them is available at that moment. You'll save time—and provide more attentive customer service.
  • Understanding call patterns. Managers can easily see data for caller wait times and abandoned calls. This data helps managers identify where additional training, hiring, or other customer service improvements may be needed.

Cisco SMB Solutions let you connect your customers more closely to your business. You can deliver the information they need, regardless of when or how they contact you. And your workforce can easily collaborate to meet customer needs.

The technologies that make this possible include:

  • A secure Cisco network foundation, combining voice and data on one network.
  • Wireless connectivity and wireless business phones, added to your network, which enable employees to work from the sales floor, the office, or even the warehouse with their desk phone close at hand.
  • CallConnector software which links your customer relationship management database to the phone system on your data network, enhancing the functionality of both. Anyone can instantly call a customer by double-clicking his or her phone number in the shared company database. And see important information when customers call, via instant computer screen pop-ups.

Contact your Cisco partner for further details about this solution—or find one with validated credentials in your area.

Cisco SMB Solutions combine wireless connectivity and wireless phones and Cisco connector software to give your workers the tools they need to excel at customer service. Among the Cisco solutions you'll need are:

  • Cisco Unified CallConnectors improve customer service by integrating your phone system on your data network with popular customer relationship management (CRM) software and other business productivity applications. Several versions are available including Cisco Unified CallConnector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Cisco Unified CallConnector for Microsoft Windows, Cisco Unified CallConnector for, and Cisco Unified CallConnector Mobility.
  • Cisco Unified IP Phones 7900 Series connect to your combined voice-data network. They're as easy to use as standard phones, yet can deliver a wealth of information such as employee directories directly on their screens. You can also use Cisco IP Communicator software to put a complete phone system on a PC.
  • Cisco Unity Connection offer affordable, full-featured automated attendant, voicemail and integrated messaging in addition to advanced call routing and speech recognition capabilities. Access your voicemail using a phone, e-mail client, or Web browser, or manage your messages in "hands-free" mode with voice commands. You can also view, sort, search, and play back messages using the display on your IP phone.
  • Web meeting and online collaboration tools to serve customers better are also available from WebEx. WebEx is now part of Cisco.


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