Lower energy consumption

Lower energy consumption

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Lower energy consumption


Cisco EnergyWise

Find out more about Cisco EnergyWise, now available across the entire Cisco Catalyst switching portfolio.

Cisco Energy Efficient Data Centre

Maximise your power efficiency.

Unlocking the Potential of Virtualisation

Learn how to overcome the drawbacks of data centre virtualisation so you can begin to realise the technology's full potential.

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Lower Energy Consumption

  • The Sustainable Data Centre (Video - 5 min)
  • This video details a major consolidation effort for Monsanto's data centre which now represents "leadership in energy efficient design". Here, virtualisation has contributed to growth via inventory management, effectiveness and agility.
  • Virtualise to Save Energy in the Data Centre
  • This insightful interview with Cisco's VP of Green Engineering looks at how to effectively use virtualisation as an energy and therefore cost saving tool. Also covers many of the common misconceptions involved in doing so.