Cisco is the Premier Sponsor for 2nd Gartner Symposium IT XPO 2013

Cisco is the Premier Sponsor for 2nd Gartner Symposium IT XPO 2013

21-24 October 2013 | Goa,India

Cisco is the Premier Sponsor for 2nd Gartner Symposium IT XPO 2013 in India from 21st to 24th Oct 2013.

Today's businesses have to adopt new strategies and tactics more than ever to survive and sustain in an increasingly interconnected and complex environment.

In a connected business environment, people want to collaborate dynamically, on the go and consume content on demand and with a device of their choice. Cisco’s mobility and cloud solutions aim to do just that. Cisco's technology not only addresses trends such as BYOD but also the underlying infrastructure by providing an unified approach to the data center that provides more efficient network operations and delivers greater IT agility for business innovation. Our technology makes it easier for you to do business – no easy task today. Business Innovation starts with Mobility.

Cisco has 2 Speaking Slots:

Why the Network Matters: Transforming Infrastructure to Drive Business Innovation

A break out session of 30 minutes on 22nd October 16:00 - 16:30
Speaker:- Mark Krischer , CTO Enterprise Networking APJC.
Topic:- "Why the Network Matters: Transforming Infrastructure to Drive Business Innovation"

  • Strategic IT leaders are driving business transformation by deploying dynamic infrastructure, allowing the business to respond quickly to new opportunities and roll out new services, while ensuring a consistent user experience and managing complexity. In this session, discover how the vision of “One Policy, One Management and One Network" empowers IT to both accelerate innovation as well as ensure operational efficiency.
  • Cisco will discuss how to enable innovative personalized mobile services for both your workforce and customers, and how that can help accelerate business transformation and deliver differentiated experiences.

Architectural Drivers for Cloud Data Centers

An exclusive workshop for 60 mins on 24th October 11:45 - 12:45
Speaker:- Bernie Trudel, Cloud CTO, Cisco Systems, Asia Pacific
Topic:- "Architectural Drivers for Cloud Data Centers"

You are invited to actively participate in discussing best practices in addressing four key requirements of cloud data centers:

  • Application explosion,
  • Distributed data sources,
  • Mobility requirements,
  • Elastic on-demand operations.
STRUCTURE:- After a crisp presentation by Bernie highlighting Cisco's Data Center technology group innovations, the attendees would be encouraged to engage in discussions with the technical experts. The objective is to give audience a knowledge-sharing platform to share their experiences and best-parctices with their peers and use the time to identify solutions for their business challenges