Customer Experience Transformation

Customer Experience Transformation

Enhance the Customer Experience

Whether your customers are in the store or on the phone, they expect to get the service they need promptly and efficiently.

On the phone, good service means answering calls quickly and routing customers to the right resource immediately, regardless of where that person may be located.

In the store, good service means delighting customers with your brand, store appearance, merchandising, and a knowledgeable and attentive salesfloor staff.

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Customer Experience Differentiation
Customer Experience Transformation - Innovation & Loyalty in Today's Retail

A Collaborative Retail Experience

See how giving shoppers and employees access to real-time, multimedia information can enhance the customer experience.
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Customer Experience Transformation Solutions for Retail

Digital Media Solution
Increase sales, enhance the customer experience, and facilitate learning with this comprehensive suite of signage applications.

Phone Media Display
Distribute images, audio, surveys, and text messages to IP phones throughout the store on a real-time or scheduled basis.

Store Customer Assistance
Help customers quickly obtain product information--description, price, and availability--so employees may focus on service.


Retail Call Routing
Route customer sales and service calls intelligently, based upon the availability of service agents.

Retail Connect Call Prioritization
Identify incoming calls, deliver pertinent caller data to the answering agent's screen, and provide tailored customer service.

TelePresence for Retail
Transform the delivery of customer and point-of-sale services with this immersive collaboration solution.

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