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Transforming Industries.
The Network. Intuitive.

Customers move faster with Cisco Digital Network Architecture.

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See what customers are doing with Cisco DNA

Doctors give more time to patients

London Health Sciences Centre uses its new digital network to improve bedside care.

Using Wi-Fi data to cut energy costs

The University of British Columbia uses Wi-Fi data in its smart buildings to optimize HVAC and save money.

Live radiology diagnostics reduce patient anxiety

For vRad, secure, real-time video diagnostics mean patients can receive important diagnoses without long, agonizing waits.

IT meets business growth head-on

Fast-paced expansion can create bottlenecks. KPIT uses automation and analytics to grow, without the growing pains.

Automating operations for better patient treatment

ABMU Health Board used automation to help doctors and nurses spend less time on paperwork and more time with patients.

Network automation saves money

Symantec reduced a 6-month process to minutes with Cisco DNA APIC-EM Easy QoS.

Digital transformation done right

AECOM uses Cisco DNA to deploy new services faster, free up more time for innovation, and spot potential errors.

University personalized student experience with smart campus

Deakin University improves student experiences and brings down facilities cost with new location based services.

From aviation to healthcare

Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) is changing the way IT departments, businesses, and entire industries function.