Cisco Desktop Virtualization Solutions

Scalability, Security, Simplicity

Learn the benefits of Cisco Desktop Virtualization solutions. (6:05 min)

Scalability, Security, Simplicity

Cisco VXI with Citrix CIS-115789 Doug Dooley

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Build a Better Desktop Infrastructure

Simplify, better secure, and scale desktop and application virtualization with a Cisco Unified Data Center while building the foundation for unified workspaces.

Desktop Virtualization with Citrix XenDesktop

Deliver virtual desktops and applications with Cisco and Citrix

Learn How

Desktop Virtualization with VMware Horizon View

Deliver virtual desktops with Cisco and VMware

Find Out How

Cisco Desktop Virtualization, built on the Cisco Unified Data Center, delivers:

  • Simplified desktop operations with fewer servers and cables to manage
  • Scalable, predictable performance with uncompromised user experience
  • Faster payback and ongoing savings with an optimized infrastructure and investment protection
  • Cisco Validated Designs that reduce the risk of moving from proof-of-concept to full-scale production

Get High Performance with Up to 20,000 Seats and Beyond

To meet the VDI needs of large businesses, Cisco Desktop Virtualization offers highly scalable, resilient VDI solutions that offer choice, flexibility, and reduced risk with Cisco Validated Designs. Cisco Desktop Virtualization solutions deliver VDI built in combination with Citrix XenDesktop and VMware Horizon View. Convenient infrastructure packaging solutions are based on NetApp (FlexPod) or EMC (Vblock) storage.

Cost-Effective, Simplified Approaches to Desktop Virtualization for Up to 2000 Seats

Organizations are increasingly finding the need to deliver medium-scale VDI environments that require scalability. In particular, these deployments demand cost-effective approaches that mitigate the need for large capital expenditure outlay.

Cisco Desktop Virtualization solutions deliver an ecosystem approach that includes data center optimization partners such as Fusion-io, Nimble Storage, Nexenta, Atlantis Computing, and others. The solutions are deployed in combination with Citrix XenDesktop and VMware Horizon View.

Learn how organizations like yours are benefiting from the simplicity, scale, performance, and cost-effectiveness of desktop virtualization with Cisco. Deploy desktop and application virtualization built on Cisco UCS and Unified Data Center.


"In the past, a desktop update would have taken five or six people four days. Using Cisco UCS preconfigured service profiles in conjunction with VMware and NetApp rapid cloning capabilities enabled us to complete the same process in six hours…" – Mike Cooper, Technology Coordinator, Oak Hills Local School District


"Previously, if one of our employees in the field needed to file a report at the end of the day, they would have to come into the office, involving up to an hour in travel time. Now they can go straight home and file it from there. The bandwidth is phenomenal. The Cisco VXI solution integrates really well with NetApp and VMware. To be honest, it would be hard to get it to work any better." - Mark Ferreday, Technical Architect, Tower Hamlets London Borough Council

Financial Services

"The possibilities for our Vblock solution are endless. It will give us much more agility as we expand into new markets and offer new lines of business, since less physical infrastructure will be required." – Raul Hidalgo, Infrastructure Manager, Banco Azteca

Service Provider

"We ran a proof of concept with a number of vendors, and Cisco UCS came out on top. In particular, UCS scored highly for ease of management and scalability, which were critical factors for our large and dynamic VDI environment. Also, because it comes pre-integrated, we knew it would work with all the other components from day one." - Luca Ferrandino, Data Center Application Manager, WIND


"We're looking to take advantage of the next generation of virtualization. And [our Cisco] partnership will enable that with a private cloud solution that we can extend across our health system…" - Bill Lewkowski, CIO and Executive Vice President, Metro Health


Cisco Desktop Virtualization with Citrix
Learn how comprehensive desktop virtualization solutions from Cisco and Citrix deliver a superior user experience and greater flexibility.

Cisco Desktop Virtualization with VMware
Find out how Cisco VXI solutions with VMware provide server-hosted virtual desktops with increased security and lower cost.

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