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Cisco HyperFlex Management

Hyperconverged Management

Evaluate, deploy, and manage HyperFlex systems. With Cisco HyperFlex systems, you get simplified hyperconverged infrastructure management with a choice of tools to best fit your needs. Designed to be deployed and managed through an API, the HyperFlex Management tools are simple to use and provide real-time performance data and actionable insights on your hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) environment.

Cisco HyperFlex Management benefits

Fast and responsive

Install your hyperconverged system in under an hour and operate it with real-time performance data and actionable insights.

Monitor from anywhere, anytime

Complete Cisco Hyperflex management with a UX designed for use on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices.

Integrated with leading software

HyperFlex cluster management API integrates with tools from Cisco and over a dozen independent software vendors.

Support the entire HyperFlex lifecycle management

Evaluating Cisco HyperFlex

When evaluating the optimal Cisco HyperFlex option configuration, use HX Bench. This easy-to-use benchmarking tool is built on vdbench and follows industry standard benchmarking practices.

Planning for Cisco HyperFlex

Use HyperFlex Sizer and HyperFlex Profiler to automate end-to-end application sizing for hyperconverged environments including compute and storage capacity and application templates to aid in application based sizing.

Installing and deploying Cisco HyperFlex

Install your Cisco HyperFlex system in less than one hour using a prepackaged open virtual appliance (OVA) and simple HyperFlex deployment wizard. Stand up a hyperconverged environment without disrupting your business.

Operating and managing Cisco HyperFlex

Cisco HyperFlex Connect provides robust, secure, and simple management in an intuitive user interface. It lets you manage and monitor your clusters anywhere, anytime, and delivers metrics to support your entire HyperFlex management lifecycle.

Predictive intelligence for Cisco HyperFlex

Manage all your HyperFlex clusters and Cisco UCS infrastructure with a common management view. Cloud-based management from Cisco Intersight provides actionable intelligence driven by analytics, making it a powerful tool for HyperFlex management.

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