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Your small business is our big priority. Simple solutions to solve complex IT problems. Cisco Designed to strengthen your business today and help you prepare for tomorrow.

Working from home

Meet and collaborate securely with employees and customers.

You just need the right solutions—not IT expertise—to set up remote employes. 

Tips for remote work (PDF)

Get five key tips to help keep your employees productive and your business secure. 

Smart strategies for small business (PDF)

Find out how to manage remote workers while helping to keep your business secure. 

Work-from-home guide (PDF)

Get essential information for setting up remote workers in your small business. 

Products you'll need:

Cybercrime protection

Help safeguard your business from identity theft, hackers, and Internet attacks.

Keys to preventing cybercrime (PDF)

Learn four key ways to prevent cybercrime in your business. 

Protect against cybercrime (PDF)

Help keep your small business secure from attacks. 

IT security makeover

Explore the winning security recipe created by an IT pro from the Michelin three-star restaurant The French Laundry. 

Always-on small business

Enjoy easy installation and reliable IT services using cloud technology.

Why always-on makes sense (PDF)

Find out three reasons always-on technology makes sense for small business. 

Adapt to changes with always-on technology (PDF)

Keep your small business IT flexible and resilient. 

LeanIX customer story

German software provider LeanIX leverages Wi-Fi 6, cloud-managed IT solutions from Cisco Meraki to build a high-density network for saving time and money with technology that simply works.

Workplace monitoring

Use tools for safe distancing and real-time monitoring.

Monitoring your premises (PDF)

Get a three-point plan for monitoring your workplace. 

Keep an eye on your small business (PDF)

Monitor the people, places, and things in your workplace. 

Miami-Dade Public Library System

Cisco Meraki makes life easier for two IT admins managing 50 libraries' networks. 

New office

Improve productivity and security in shared physical workspaces.

Create a reliable small business (LAN) local area network that transports data, voice, video, and wireless.

Setting up a new office (PDF)

Ask yourself five questions before setting up a new office. 

When you need a new office (PDF)

Get connected in minutes. Set up your business to succeed, now and in the future. 

New-office Essentials guide (PDF)

Setting up a new office can be challenging and rewarding. Get the essential guide to doing it right.

Products you'll need:

Build your IT department without adding a single employee

Answer a few quick questions and we will help you select the networking, security, and collaboration solutions tailored to your business.