Cisco Ransomware Defense

Stop ransomware attacks

Ransomware penetrates organizations in multiple ways, so fighting it requires a multi-front strategy. Cisco protects against ransomware with an integrated platform approach across a breadth of critical control points backed by best-in-class threat intelligence and research from Talos.

Ransomware Defense for Dummies 2nd Edition

The second edition of Cisco Umbrella's popular Ransomware Defense for Dummies e-book explores cybersecurity best practices for reducing risks.

Quick prevention

Ransomware protection works best if it is intelligence-driven to fight threats on multiple fronts. This requires a platform based approach such as Cisco SecureX, delivering broad visibility across critical control points to detect and protect fast and at scale.

Email ransomware protection

Cisco Secure Email blocks ransomware delivered through spam and phishing emails. It even identifies malicious attachments and URLs.

Web ransomware protection

Most ransomware attacks use DNS. Cisco Umbrella provides a fast and easy way to improve your security. It helps improve security visibility, detects compromised systems, and protects your users on and off the network by stopping threats over any port or protocol before they reach your network or endpoints.

Endpoint ransomware protection

Cisco Secure Endpoint never stops monitoring all endpoint activity, so it sees ransomware as it unfolds—then rapidly terminates offending processes, prevents endpoint encryption, and stops the ransomware attack in its tracks.

Ransomware investigation and response

Cisco SecureX is a cloud-native, built-in platform that connects our Cisco Secure portfolio and your infrastructure. It allows you to radically reduce dwell time and human-powered tasks.

Cisco Talos Incident Response has developed a ransomware plan of action (PoA) specifically for incident response, which has been tested and validated in multiple, compromised environments. Utilize the full suite of proactive and emergency services to help you be prepared to respond quickly and efficiently during your incident.

Access ransomware protection

Cisco Duo protects against ransomware by preventing adversaries from using stolen credentials to establish a foothold, move laterally and propagate ransomware. Duo prevents potentially compromised devices from accessing resources, verifies users’ identities, while ensuring that devices are compliant, up to date and safe before granting access to applications.

Network ransomware protection

Cisco Secure Network Analytics delivers an agentless network detection and response solution that monitors your network traffic and sees when something anomalous occurs—like a ransomware infection. Using multilayer machine learning and entity modeling to detect ransomware, you will be able to quickly accelerate your response to stop ransomware attacks.

We are here to help

Are you impacted? Contact Cisco Talos Incident Response. We are available globally, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Contact us: 1-844-831-7715 or +44 808 234 6353.

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