Cisco SD-WAN Security

Flexible security for your WAN transformation

As you rearchitect your network to enable SD-WAN, you need consistent security across branches, clouds, and users.

Meet an SD-WAN security solution that only Cisco can offer. As a leader in both SD-WAN and network security, Cisco integrates a full security stack and highly secure SD-WAN fabric with the most flexibility, from the branch to the cloud edge.

SD-WAN security improves...

Security efficacy

Simplify threat prevention with the shortest time to threat detection.

Network agility

Reduce OpEx, CapEx, and the effort required to add locations, devices, and apps to the WAN.

User experience

Benefit from the fastest and most reliable Internet and multicloud access.

Business continuity

Get intent-based networking to automate app assurance and business insights.

Security risks to consider​

Protect branch users, connected devices, and application usage at all direct Internet access breakouts and all traffic across the WAN.

Inside-out risks

  • Malware infections
  • Command and control
  • Phishing attacks
  • Unacceptable use

Internal risks

  • Unauthenticated access
  • Lateral movement
  • Compliance violations

Outside-in risks

  • Unauthorized access
  • Denial-of-service attacks


Cisco delivers an open, integrated branch-to-cloud-edge architecture.

At the branch

Thin, rich, or full-stack routers embed simple or flexible SD-WAN and security functions to meet IT service, security, and compliance demands onsite.

In the cloud

Access and connectivity is secured over the public Internet with threat protection over all ports and performance assurance for multicloud apps.

Cisco SD-WAN security solutions​

Highly secure, flexible WAN connectivity

Get efficient authentication, strong encryption, and microsegmentation delivered through trustworthy systems.

End-to-end threat protection

Protect your users, data, and applications from the WAN edge to the cloud.

Unified access security

Give anytime, anywhere access to all applications based on the trustworthiness of users and devices.

Get started today

Simple security with simple SD-WAN

For lean IT teams, Cisco Meraki MX secures the branch edge and manages SD-WAN plus wired and wireless LAN.

Simple security with flexible SD-WAN

For network teams, Cisco SD-WAN maximizes agility in complex WAN topologies and secures the branch edge.

Simple cloud security with our secure internet gateway

For any WAN topology and inside-out risk, Cisco Umbrella improves security at the cloud edge to protect users everywhere.

Unlock your network's full potential with Cisco Services

Securely adopt Cisco SD-WAN with ease and confidence. Accelerate your intent-based networking journey with our expert guidance.


Guests and IoT devices connect to the branch. Office 365 and AWS migrate apps to the cloud. 

Why Cisco

Cisco delivers:

  • Fast, highly reliable infrastructure.
    mprove business uptime with Cisco's secure Internet gateway, and reduce outages for any application with our SD-WAN.
  • Fast threat detection.
    Talos threat intelligence constantly learns, adapts, and protects, with Umbrella for statistical models and Advanced Malware Protection for file reputation and dynamic analysis.
  • Fast time to business value.
    Cisco’s open, integrated architecture provides the flexibility to work alongside your existing edge devices and WAN topologies.

News and events

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Secure your new cloud edge

Deliver the right security in the right place across your SD-WAN, simply.



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