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400G Data Center Networking

Meet the high-speed, high-performance 400G Nexus portfolio with more bandwidth and more features.

Why 400G, and why Cisco?

Built for the most demanding environments, 400G provides high flexibility and customer choice, while preparing you
for the next frontier of cloud networking.

400G web-scale data centers

Cost-effectively build high-density 100/400G fabrics for web-scale customers.

Maximum flexibility

Gain investment protection with flexible options across web-scale and enterprise workloads.

400G Cisco ACI architecture

Get high-bandwidth fabrics with the automation, visibility, assurance, and security functions of ACI fabrics.

Network Insider webinar series

Attend the next webinar in our Network Insider Series, where you can learn about the latest Cisco Data Center Networking (DCN) products and solutions from the people who know them best: Our subject matter experts.

400G Done Right: Cutting-Edge Nexus Innovation Continues

VP of IBN Product Management Thomas Scheibe discusses IT trends that are driving the need for more bandwidth and introduces Nexus 400G portfolio innovation.

Explore the Nexus 400G portfolio

Nexus 9364D-GX2A

  • 2 RU switches
  • 64 ports of 400G
  • Ideal for 400G spine

Nexus 9332D-GX2B

  • 1 RU switch
  • 32 ports of 400G
  • Ideal for 400G leaf or spine

Nexus 9500 X9716-GX

  • 16-port 400G line card for Nexus 9500 Series switches
  • MACsec/CloudSec at 400G speeds

Nexus 9316D-GX

  • 1 RU switch
  • 16 ports of 400G
  • Ideal for 400G Cisco spine

Nexus 93600CD-GX

  • 1 RU switch
  • 28 ports of 100G and 8 ports of 400G
  • Ideal for 100G Cisco leaf, with connectivity to 400G spine

Nexus 3408-S

  • 4 RU switches
  • 8-slot chassis optimized with compact aggregation via LEMs to run as leaf or spine

Nexus 3432D-S

  • 1 RU switch
  • 32 ports with native 10/40/100/400G and breakout 2 x 200G and 4 x 50/100G

Gartner has named Cisco a Magic Quadrant Leader for Data Center and Cloud Networking 2020

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