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Cisco Mobile Service Edge Gateway

Service Intelligence at the Network Edge

Lower the cost of mobile data traffic, maintain a quality service experience, and offer new applications with the Cisco Mobile Service Edge Gateway (MSEG). This innovative solution provides service intelligence at the network edge while retaining the control plane in the network core.

Using the intelligence of the mobile packet core, the Cisco MSEG directs traffic at the edge of your network, with these benefits:

  • Route low-value traffic straight to the Internet
  • Route high-priority or low-latency traffic without going deep into the packet core
  • Keep localized traffic local
  • Provide intelligent roaming options and secure connections to mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs)
  • Create new services and business models

Get powerful subscriber and network intelligence by using the Cisco MSEG functionality supported on the following products:

Cisco ASR 5000 Series supports the MSEG as an additional function provided by the software.

Cisco MSEG is the first implementation of a new Cisco technology known as Adaptive Intelligent Routing (AIR).

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