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Protect, Connect and Grow your Small Business

With over 8000 small business customers in Belgium, our range of affordable IT solutions allow your growing team to collaborate remotely whilst working on a secure and reliable IT network.

What’s stopping you from growing your business?

Whether you are looking to improve your networking capabilities, increase security or get your teams to work remotely, Cisco has got the products that suits the needs for your small business.


I want to connect printers, laptops, phones and other devices to a single network


I want to keep my business online

Access points

I want to ensure secure Wi-Fi access
to my network


I want to have top‑line defense that detects and stops threats fast.

Endpoints & VPN Security

I want to increase security and
prevent data breaches.

Cloud Security

I want to protect my employees against threats, no matter where they access the Internet.

Phone Systems

I want to use the Internet to make and
receive calls.

Video Conferencing

I want to turn my conference room into a powerful collaboration space

Webex meeting

I need conferencing tools to securely connect with my team on any device, from any location.

Find relevant products and solutions suitable for your small business

Not sure what product to chose? Answer 5 quick questions and we will recommend the relevant products and solutions for your business.

Don’t just take our word for it.
Trusted by 8000+ small businesses in Belgium.

Small Business Questions & Answers

What is the best way to manage a remote team?

Cisco’s collaboration platform, Webex, includes all your teams need to work and collaborate from anywhere. Voice, web meetings, screen sharing, instant messaging and more!

What do I need to get a reliable connection between networks and the internet?

The network is the backbone of any business. Or at least it should be. With the right network in place, you can extend productivity, reliability, performance and security to users everywhere – and, in turn, to customers everywhere. Discover how to create a reliable network easy to deploy and manage with Cisco Business solutions, on-premise or  cloud-managed

How do I keep small business data secure?

There are two kinds of businesses – those that’ve been hacked and those that very likely will be. With Cisco  security solution you get the same solutions as used by the biggest corporations and governments for an affordable price and much lower complexity. Connectivity and security are equally more front of mind than ever before, with nearly all (95%) of the businesses stating cyber security is vital.

How do I access financing to afford Cisco Small Business solutions?

Get the technology you want when you need it--and the peace of mind that comes with regular, predictable payments with the flexibility to respond to changing requirements. From traditional leases and loans to lifecycle management, consumption models, and bundled solutions, we could help you achieve your desired outcomes, within your budget.

How do I conduct secure meetings with Cisco online? ​

With your team working on-site and remotely, make sure everyone can collaborate securely no matter where they're located. Find out how Cisco Designed Secure Remote Work can keep your teams productive - all at a small business friendly price.

Are you looking for support in choosing and purchasing Cisco solutions?

Get assistence from Cisco's Sales Advisors. They are happy to answer your questions today. Select your prefered option: