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Learn about new and emerging Cisco solutions and how they impact your organisation with Cisco WebClasses. They're free online sessions that typically run for one hour.

Stay ahead. Stay informed.

Below you will find past WebClass sessions and special events all archived for On-Demand viewing at your convenience.


Better meeting experiences. Better business outcomes.

17 August, 2016
Do you spend your days in endless, pointless meetings? Join us to discuss the productivity gains and lower costs if you could fix the way you schedule and participate in meetings.

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Creating the best workspaces for your staff and business

20 July, 2016
This Cisco Fireside Chat on July 20 will discuss how technology is driving the way we work and accelerating the development of ideas to support innovation, employee engagement, and growth.

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ANZ Talos threat briefing

14 July, 2016
Cyber attacks are constantly evolving and organizations must do the same. This webinar will help you understand the changing threat landscape and the tools your organization needs to protect itself from malicious cyber attacks. Join us to learn more.


Deep-Dive into Cisco HyperFlex

8 June 2016
Learn about the next generation of hyperconverged infrastructure that extends the benefits of advanced distributed storage technology to more applications and use cases


Defend against new security threats

20 April 2016
Join Cisco’s local Security and Networking Executives as they discuss the key findings of the Cisco 2016 Annual Security Report and the implications for organisations in Australia and New Zealand.


Simplifying and Unifying Collaboration

8 March 2016
To stay ahead of the competition, your teams and stakeholders need to communicate effectively and act decisively. To do this your collaboration tools need to be easy to use and deliver exceptional results. But with limited IT resources, keeping up with the latest innovations in communications and collaboration technology can seem a daunting task. This WebClass discusses how to solve complex communications challenges with affordable, easy-to-deploy, manage, and use platform that scales to support your business growth.


Changing the Way We Work

The future is here. Cisco announces a brand-new offer to deliver messaging, meeting, and calling from the cloud. Watch the webcast to learn all about it.
You will hear from:

  • Rowan Trollope, SVP/GM, Cisco Collaboration Technology Group
  • Jonathan Rosenberg, CTO, Cisco Collaboration Technology Group


Protecting Your Organisation from Advanced Email and Web Threats

13 January 2016
Today's threats are personalised, targeted, sophisticated and designed to evade traditional security solutions. Join us to discuss how to protect your business in this threat landscape.

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Cyber security: the opportunity for Australian business

10 December, 2015
Get Cisco’s view on the Prime Minister’s 2015 Cyber Security Review and what it means for Australian businesses. Join us for this exclusive panel discussion featuring world leading security expert and Cisco Security & Trust Officer John N. Stewart.


Telstra talks ROI in collaboration

25 November, 2015
Hear Cisco customer, Telstra talk about their return on investment in collaboration technology.

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See how businesses are creating data centres for the future

28 October, 2015
Hear real life stories of how businesses are creating data centres for the future in this free one hour session. Our Cisco data centre experts will showcase the latest solutions and the impact they can have on your organisation.


Hyperconverged systems with Cisco UCS and SimpliVity

14 October, 2015
This WebClass discusses the SimpliVity Hyperconverged Omnistack solution on Cisco UCS.

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Rapid Breach Detection, Remediation Are you ready?

23 September, 2015
Lawrence Ong, from the Global Cisco's Advanced Threat Solutions (APJ) team, brings with him close to 20 years of experience in advance security technologies. He will bring you through:

  • What are the new Cyber attack surface or methods of Cyber attack?
  • What to prepare Before a security incident? What are the responses After a security incident?
  • How does Cisco AMP + ThreatGRID help before and after a security incident? This is followed by technical demo.

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Consuming software in new ways with Cisco One

26 August, 2015
Cisco One is an innovative new software purchasing model that delivers a range of business benefits including simpler software management, increased flexibility and better value. Join us for an overview of the new model and find out how it can add value to your organisation.

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Better together: meet your way

8 July, 2015
Effective collaboration can transform your business.Join us for an overview of Cisco’s innovative conferencing and video solutions, and understand the benefits they bring to your organisation.

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Get ready to protect your business today

30 June, 2015
Prepare your organisation and understand what you need to consider as you plan your cybersecurity strategy.Ensure you can protect the business before, during and after an attack.

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Navigating SDN to deliver on business priorities

9 June, 2015
The emergence of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) has garnered significant attention and excitement in the technical community over the past few years.Join Hugh Ujhazy, Director of IDC Research in this free one hour live event, to discuss the opportunities and risks SDN presents to an Enterprise IT organisation.Hugh will discuss the broader relevance and adoption of SDN and will map its potential to your business priorities and strategy.He will also present research findings on evolving to a ‘business agile’ infrastructure.
Complementing Hugh, Darryl Mckinnon, Managing Director, Data Centre Solutions, Cisco APJ, will introduce use cases, methodologies for adoption and strategies for investment protection.

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Cisco 2015 Annual Security Report: Implications for your business

13 May, 2015
In this free session, hear Cisco security expert John-Paul Sikking, talk about the findings from the Cisco 2015 Annual Security Report.Importantly, Paul will explain how you can protect your organisation against threats.The session runs for one hour.

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Mobilising your organisation

18 February, 2015
The latest mobility solutions can transform your business, delivering greater productivity and innovative customer service.This WebClass will help you to learn about how Cisco's validated mobility and wireless solutions can deliver tangible business benefits.The hour long session will help you to understand:

  • What to consider in order to maximise the user experience
  • How to upgrade your existing infrastructure so that you can benefit from current and future technologies (such as 802.11ac Wave 2)
  • How to deliver mobile applications, content and collaboration services onto any device
There will also be time for a live, interactive question and answer session.

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Safeguarding your organisation

28 January, 2015
The combination of cloud computing and mobility has created a perfect storm of security threats.Cisco’s new security portfolio, with the combined strength of the acquired Sourcefire product range, is reducing complexity and increasing visibility of threats, while integrating existing IT environments, work streams and network fabric.
Understand how Cisco ASA Firewalls with FirePOWER Services deliver integrated threat defence across the entire attack continuum.Learn about:

  • The world's most deployed ASA stateful firewall with remote access VPN and advanced clustering
  • How it delivers granular application visibility and control to support over 3000 application-layer and risk-based controls
  • Cisco FirePOWER Next-Generation IPS appliances, which provide threat prevention and contextual awareness
  • How it filters on hundreds of millions of URLs in over 80 categories
  • How it provides protection against advanced malware and threats

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Hyperconverged systems with Cisco UCS and SimpliVity

3rd December, 2014
SimpliVity provides the best of both worlds: cloud economics with enterprise performance, protection and functionality.
Everyone wants simplicity, without compromising capability.What's required is a combination of x86 based, Cloud/Web economics, without compromising Enterprise capabilities: Data Protection, Data Efficiency, Performance and Global Unified Management.SimpliVity is the first and only company to deliver the Best of Both Worlds: Cloud Economics and Enterprise Capabilities.This is enabled via SimpliVity's Data Virtualisation Platform.
From this ANZ WebClass you gain an understanding how the SimpliVity Hyperconverged Omnistack solution on Cisco UCS can achieve the below benefits:

  • Simplified IT and 3x TCO savings.
  • Enterprise performance, reliability, and availability running on x86 commodity resources of your choice, under the Virtualization and management of your choice.
  • Global unified management.
  • Flexibility in terms of form-factor and deployment options.
  • Hyperconvergence with a single shared resource pool combining the functionality of 8-12 previously disparate products.

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Protect your organisation with cyber resilience

6 November 2014
A new report from security experts, NSS Labs, suggests that organisations need to look at implementing cyber resilience programs.These programs not only defend from, and prevent attacks, but also emphasise response and resilience if a crisis hits.This web class explores the report findings and what they could mean for your organisation, including the need to:

  • Assume attacks will occur and focus on reducing the potential effects
  • View security controls as a means of out smarting your adversaries
  • Prepare to operate at 60% capacity while maintaining critical services in the event of a breach
  • Plan for a flexible network architecture to isolate and replace affected areas of the network

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Learn about how to integrate Cisco Collaboration solutions into your existing infrastructure

15th October, 2014
Making high quality video accessible for everyone in your organisation - regardless of its size - enables mobile and distributed teams to connect through a ‘better than being there’ experience.
In making technology easier for colleagues, partners, and customers to connect and collaborate from any location-whether that's the work office, the home office, a hotel room, or a coffee shop, Cisco has also focused on offering an excellent experience that is simple to set up, maintain, and deploy.
This WebClass discusses the ease of integrating a Cisco Video Collaboration solution into existing infrastructure and enabling organisations of all sizes with the building blocks to simplify installation, deployment, and scale.

  • Migrating traditional video conference from a silo to a fully unified communications solution
  • Supporting video from viewing on the mobile to a boardroom environment, including Webex enabled Telepresence
  • Overview of the personal multi-party programme and moving from the telephony platform to one unified programme.
  • Viewing video in the web browser and integration with other UC emerging technologies.
It will be held on Wednesday, October 15 from 11am to 12pm and hosted by Cisco's video specialist Matt Lammi.

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Preparing for the next wave of UCS innovation

24th September, 2014
Cisco is undertaking the largest development of Unified Computing Solutions (UCS) since it launched half a decade ago.
Catering for your evolving applications needs, the portfolio is growing to ensure application deployments can be accelerated, simplified and deliver the performance and versatility for any workload while offering continued choice for virtual and physical platforms.
This WebClass gives you an overview of the new releases and will discuss how to transition to data centre virtualisation and cloud.Topics for the hour are:

  • Building Performance-Scaled computing using the new UCS Server, UCS Invicta and UCS Director products to deliver power and control for intensive data analytics and application acceleration.
  • How Cloud scale is turning computing architecture upside-down with mainstram IT appliances and Cloud driven applications
  • Overview of Cisco's new all-in-one solution delivering servers, storage and networking in an easy-to-deploy, compact form factor.
Cisco is leading the data centre revolution, with a commitment to technological innovation and cutting edge design architecture that brings real benefits to our customers.

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Mid Year Security Report 2014

This WebClass gives an overview of the Cisco 2014 Midyear Security Report.It highlights latest tactics and offers an exclusive analysis of threat intelligence and cybersecurity trends.Good resource to understand the number and impact of vulnerabilities so you can do something about them.
Report shows:

  • How attackers are launching attacks from inside corporate networks .
  • How neglected connected devices and websites become an attacker's treasure
  • Why point-of-sale exploits are gaining favor with criminals

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Using Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) to enable pervasive security

August 13, 2014

  • Simplifying compliance and accelerating secure application deployment leveraging the ACI policy model.
  • New models for application security.
  • Move beyond Layer 3 Access Controller Lists.


Overview of the Latest Cisco Collaboration End Points

August 6, 2014
Have you considered using video in your business in the same way you use voice? In implementing a video strategy and offering your staff and customers a more personal experience, how does this impact your unified communications / collaboration strategy ?
Having undertaken the single biggest refresh Cisco's video and collaboration portfolio has seen, this hour long WebClass discusses :

  • Overview of the new end points - design and application features.
  • Learn about SpeakerTrack60’s intelligent imaging technologies and how Intelligent Proximity is making video available on every pane of glass.
  • The DX series and the new world of Android.

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