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Cisco Digital Solutions for Utilities and Oil & Gas

Utilities and Smart Grid

Smarter, safer, more resilient power grids offer reliable, efficient service.

Connected Oil and Gas

Make operations safer, more efficient, and more secure.

Digital Solutions for Energy

The pace of change in the energy industry has never been more accelerated.

The entire landscape is shifting: Where energy comes from. Who creates it. How it gets where it needs to go.

To thrive today, oil and gas companies and power utilities must become more efficient. To be ready for tomorrow, they must be agile.

Leading companies are moving now to digital business models that eliminate information silos and connect machines, assets, and people across the business. And they're using Cisco intelligent networks to get there.

We provide a secure, scalable foundation that enables energy companies to easily connect with their ecosystems and tie production to demand with immediacy.

With our solutions, utility grids can help enable reliable, efficient service. And oil and gas companies can keep product and profits flowing.

We offer unmatched depth and breadth of security, connectivity, and system visibility end to end. And we do it in partnership with other leading companies you work with.

We can help you get set for an energy future that the world is only beginning to imagine. If you can dream it, we can help you do it.

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How Vulnerable Are Power Grids?

Experts debate the security challenges that utilities face in this free webinar.