Security Outcomes Study

Regional Report for Asia-Pacific, Japan & China (APJC)

Empowering security leaders across the world to protect against cyber attacks and drive business growth.

What we cover

Formerly titled the CISO Benchmark Report, this annual report showcases the data we collected from a double-blind study of more than 4800 respondents from 25 countries. The results were independently analyzed by research firm Cynetia to provide cybersecurity leaders everywhere the data they need to make informed decisions. 

Cisco 2021 Security Outcomes Study Regional Report for Asia-Pacific, Japan & China (APJC)

Explore country-level comparison of security outcomes from China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia, and more--it's all here in this Asia-specific report.

Security Outcomes Study
Regional Report for Asia-Pacific, Japan & China (APJC)
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Global data and in-depth analysis

Our survey presents data from 4800 respondents in 25 countries. To learn about global data and in-depth information pertaining to Europe and the Americas, check out these individual reports. 

Global data

Please click below for the full global report covering all regions.


What are the top concerns of EU cybersecurity leaders? This report goes in depth on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and more.

Across the Americas

While our global report covers some U.S.-specific data, dig deeper into what's happening across the Americas, including Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and more. 

Industries and verticals

Take a deep dive into two of the most pressing sectors in cybersecurity: healthcare and financial services. 


From connected devices to ransomware attacks: Learn about the top concerns and recommendations for healthcare providers.

Financial Services

From digital banking to competitive advantages: Discover what respondents in financial services are talking about.

Proven Factors for Your Security Program

In our live broadcast, learn about the key findings from our 2021 Security Outcomes Study