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Email Security

Stops phishing, business email compromise, ransomware, spam, and enhances Office 365 email security. It just works.

Threat of the month

New capabilities to protect your users and brand

Two new capabilities help block phishing emails from reaching your users and safeguard your company’s domain. Gain additional layers of protection against business email compromise (BEC).

Cisco Advanced Phishing Protection

Detect fraudulent senders with threat intelligence that adapts in real time to block BEC and advanced phishing attacks.

Cisco Domain Protection

Prevent attackers from using your domain to carry out phishing campaigns.

Protect your users and brand from bad actors

With our two new services, harness local threat intelligence to block fraudulent senders, and gain control over who uses your domain.

Features and benefits

Protect users from email threats

See how our multilayer approach to security keeps attackers out of your users’ inboxes.

Enhance email security for Office 365

Gain a robust layer of defense against ransomware, business email compromise, phishing, and more. See why Cisco Email Security and Office 365 are better together.

Beyond point-in-time detection

Protect against risky files, whenever they turn malicious, with Cisco Advanced Malware Protection for Email. 

Get exceptional threat intelligence

Only Cisco can provide exceptional threat protection from Talos, one of the world’s largest threat intelligence teams. Updates flow automatically every three to five minutes.

Block advanced phishing attempts

Protect users from fraudulent senders with real-time threat intelligence.

Establish trust before granting email access

Verify users’ identities with the world’s easiest multifactor authentication to protect against phishing.

Your help centre for Office 365

Migrating to the cloud gives you more flexibility, but it comes with security drawbacks. Use the resources below to learn the key features that your cloud email security approach should include.  

Vulnerability snapshot

View our infographic and see why O365 customers choose Cisco Email Security for an additional layer of security. (PDF)

Buyer’s guide

Cut through the marketing mumbo-jumbo. Learn the 5 product features you actually need. (PDF)

Expert advice

Find out how you can better protect against ransomware, business email compromise, phishing, and more. (PDF)

Cisco named market leader

In the Secure Email Gateway Market, Cisco dominates as a “top player.”

Featured offers

Get a free 45-day trial

Take our solution for a test-drive with this exclusive offer.

Free health check

Our experts can help you get the most out of your investment in Cisco Email Security.

Advanced email security protection

Attackers rely primarily on email to distribute spam, malware, and other threats. To prevent breaches, you need a powerful email security solution.

Cisco Email Security is your defense against phishing, business email compromise, and ransomware. Get threat intelligence updates every three to five minutes through Cisco Talos for the most up-to-date protection. Cisco Advanced Malware Protection protects against stealthy malware in attachments, and industry-leading URL intelligence combats malicious links. Cisco Email Security also enhances Office 365 email security. 

Protecting outgoing email is important too. Cisco Email Security has robust data loss prevention and content encryption capabilities to safeguard sensitive information. This helps you comply with government and industry regulations.

Office 365 case studies

Our customers love Cisco Email Security and the impact it has had on their businesses. Read their case studies to learn how they tackled phishing, ransomware, spam, and more. 

Financial Services

Compliance and security was top of mind for this customer. See how we partnered with them to reduce their time to detect from days to hours.

Secure manufacturing

Phillip was an IT department of one. See which products he picked to ensure automation and simplicity for his growing team.

Technology consulting

How can a growing company fight phishing and spam while still accommodating BYOD?


Threat of the month

Go phish

Why did we call out phishing for our threat spotlight? Discover why the stakes are higher than ever.

Live phishing webinar

Our live panel dives into why phishing is so successful and what you can do about it.

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Services for security

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Watch the Cisco Live Virtual Show Recording

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Cisco Cloud Email Security

Cisco Email Security Appliance

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