Incentives to Maximise Your Profitability

A lifecycle sales approach establishes the foundation for ongoing customer engagement. It sets the stage for a strong relationship, leading to more successful business outcomes, and unlocking incentives at each stage of the customer lifecycle.

Opportunities across the lifecycle

Cisco incentives fuel your profitability journey at every stage of your customer relationship. Build trust and earn more when you help customers actualize the value of their investment. Then when it's time to expand and renew, you are already positioned to help—and you earn even more incentives.


Team with Cisco on new opportunities for access to advantaged pricing and deal protection.


Lead with Cisco hardware, software, and services to earn the maximum VIP and services rebates. Focus on growth for small, mid-size, and select customers to qualify for Perform Plus.

Use (Activate)

Ensure your customers hardware and software are configured and ready to go.


Get rewarded for ensuring your customers get the most value from their IT investments.

Expand and Renew

Earn even more for expanding deals and driving renewals after achieving adoption success.

  • Includes Expand and Renewal bonuses for VIP

Explore benefits specific to a role

Integrator benefits

Learn about the Integrator role.

Provider benefits

Learn about the Provider role.

Developer benefits

Learn about the Developer role.

Advisor benefits

Learn about the Advisor role.

Are you already enrolled?

Partners who have already completed the Channel Program Incentive Agreement (CPIA) and meet prerequisites are automatically enrolled in VIP, Provider Pricing, NFR, Deal Registration, Seller Rewards, Lifecycle Incentives, and Perform Plus. New partners must complete the CPIA agreement and meet prerequisites before joining.